The hereafter is not far away

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated August 3rd, 2017

VTR: Greetings, I am Nuray from İzmir. What will the prosperity and abundance in heaven be like?

ADNAN OKTAR: Nuray, may God bestow His divine light upon you. You are a beautiful girl. So is your friend.  Every one of them is more beautiful than the other.

Currently we see a vision, on an elliptic screen. We do not know its nature. We only comprehend that an infinite power, a compassionate and wise power, a power well-versed in love and arts is displaying this vision to us. Once this vision starts, it never ceases. At no point does it come to a halt. This vision that plays non-stop is what we call heaven. At the moment of death, the person reviews this life as merely a dream. They rise up as if waking up from a dream. That is all. Actually, "walking ahead" is the right term, intead of ‘rising up.’ They walk forward, into this ellipse. They become certain, with a crystal clear mind, that they have been in a dream. In other words, they will downright think that they have been asleep, and that they have just woke up from their slumber. You may think of it this way. Everything is created in opposites, as positive and negative. The negative opposites are removed in heaven; this is the characteristic of heaven. Only the positive and favorable remain. What is negative is completely removed. In the universe everything is created with their opposites. Billions, trillions of entities are created alongside their opposites. But these opposites do not exist in the hereafter. The hereafter may sound like a distant place, but it actually is not. It is closer to us than a millimeter, than a micron. It is closer to us than the one billionth of a micron. Think of it this way; this is how close heaven is to us.


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