The Views of Sheikh Haldun, Sheikh Nazim's Representative in France, Regarding Mr. Adnan Oktar

He is a great Islamic scholar, an academic with broad knowledge. He strives for Islam. He is a patriot. He is a very dynamic and charismatic leader with a huge global influence. His French-language books sell in great numbers in France. He has had a great effect on young people, on young people in France. Thanks to Harun Yahya, they are turning toward Islam and rejecting the mistaken theories of the West. In essence, he has played a major role in the intellectual struggle against the mistaken ideologies of the West in France and in the world as a whole. I have never approved of Darwinism. I have never believed in or respected Darwinism. Darwinism has collapsed scientifically. In my view, Harun Yahya has worked hard to expose the groundlessness of Darwinism and is responsible for its great collapse. His work is very great. Muslims must strive against this theory and tell people how it is mistaken. I extend my respects and greetings to Mr. Harun Yahya. Yours is a great, dynamic and highly influential community. He has written hundreds of books and works. He enjoys a very wide readership in France and globally. This shows your dynamism and effectiveness. He is an adherent of Islam and good works. I wish him health, a long life and great success in his work. Selamunaleykum. 


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