The Chief Scientist of the Israeli Ministry of Education has been demoted from his post because of his anti-Darwinist thoughts

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's live interview on Kackar TV dated October 5th, 2010 

OKTAR BABUNA:There is a news item from Israel, Master. It is about the Chief Scientist by the name Dr. Gabriel Avital. In the news item published today in the Hareetz newspaper, the largest paper in Israel, it says; "The government demoted the scientist from his post upon the debate on evolution." This is the scientist seen on the picture Master. And this is the other item on Maarif newspaper. Again "Chief scientist is dismissed from his post." It is noted in the item; "The chief scientist of the Israeli Ministry of Education, aerodynamic engineer, Dr Gabriel Avital, was dismissed from his post for criticizing evolution. 5-6 months ago he had made statements denying the tenets of evolution theory and he was subjected to the tough criticism of the press and the academic circles. He wanted Creation to be taught in the curriculum. He criticized the fact that evolution is accepted almost as a religion and said it is wrong to tell students that they came from apes and that evolution is against the Torah and based on irreligious roots and that there is no coincidence. Following this statement, he was the center of criticism in the press and the academic circles pressurized him to resign his duty. The chief scientist said that he would not avoid defending his faith just because he is working for the government. He is demoted from his post because he rejected evolution as of today."

Dr Gabriel Avital had previously said; "The Atlas of Creation and the Evolution Deceit in Hebraic are great books" and wrote that he was very influenced by the books. He also asked permission to use the photos in the Atlas of Creation. In addition, he was very much criticized in the press because he rejected global warming. And today he has been demoted from his post. 

ADNAN OKTAR: The have turned to global cooling from global warming. How come was it warming up? Right?

Now, look I have told this about Israel before.. I told this to Sanhedrin and to other people as well. Israel is also under the influence of the system of the dajjal (anti-Christ). The dajjal (anti-Christ) besieged the Jews, Christians and Muslims there. The system of the anti-Christ is dominant there. Therefore, the only solution is to abide by the King Messiah, that is Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) who is the anti-dajjal. For anyone saying "No we can manage this, there is no need," groveling and misery will continue wherever they are. There is no other solution. If they believe in Allah and the Prophet (saas), this is so. And for the Jews, this is how it is, if they believe in the Torah.


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