Rabbi Ben Abrahamson is praying for peace and the prompt appearance of the Mashiach (Messiah)

Excerpt from live TV program on Kocaeli TV and Mavi Karadeniz TV, January 19, 2010


RABBI BEN ABRAHAMSON: In being here this evening it reminded me, since I all the time talk about history, it reminded me 2000 years ago the Jewish kings expanded the Temple Mount, Haram Al-Sharif and basically there were 3 courts that were the courts for the Priests, the courts for the Israelites and the courts for the nations. And the courts for the nations they made very large, they intended that there should be many many believers with the yireh shomaym, the Fearers of God should come from Arabia, from Parthia, from Persia, from Syria, there should be Bedouins, all of them should come together with the Jews during the Pentecost holiday and they should all pray together and we in Hebrew call the Hug or in Arabic it’s called the Hajj, they would all pray together and worship together in beauty and holiness, and in some small way this evening, we are seeing the children of the children of these people who worshipped together, sitting together at this table, together with unity and speaking words of God and promoting the devout faith in each other. This is what we call in Judaism B’nai Noah Teachings, which I’ve talked about with everybody here.  and I hope that Messiah will come quickly, together we’ll celebrate in Jerusalem all in peace and devotion.



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