Rabbi Avraham Sherman's speech at the joint press conference with Mr. Adnan Oktar (May 12nd, 2011, Istanbul)

MR. ADNAN OKTAR: Yes. Rav Sherman. Pleas go ahead.

RABBI AVRAHAM SHERMAN: I pray for Adnan Oktar, that God would give him life and strength to continue his great work for peace, against violence, against Darwinism, against materialism and against atheism. My friends, we are all coming from Israel to join this conference because we share the idea that Mr. Adnan Oktar wants to spread all over the world, to show all the people of the world that the power for living together – all the peoples, all the religions – we can take it from belief; from the belief in the Creator of the world, and the belief concerning our father Abraham.

This is what connects us with our brothers, our family, to all Islam, Muslims -- Ishmael is the son of our father Abraham. This is the main point that makes us so glad to be together in this conference and especially in Turkey: because as we know historically, it is written in the Holy Books that Abraham began his telling all the world that there is a Creator to this world, and he came to spread this belief, all this took place firstly in Harran, a place in the district of Turkey. This is the place where Abraham began his call to all the world to know Him (God), and not only to know Him but also to go in His way.

The name of Him (God) is Shalom (Peace). In the Jewish belief, one of the names of God is Shalom because He is making Shalom all over the parts of the world. Therefore Abraham not only said that we must know Him – we have to know Him to believe in Him – Abraham also said that we have to follow His ways. The Way of God is peace. The way of God is truth. The way is to go according to the Law and to the good ways that mankind has to do.

And to take from the belief as I read in the big books of Mr. Adnan Oktar. He is writing in his books that from belief is where we can take the power and the desire to do Shalom (peace) and to fight against riots, cruelty, wars.

You know that from the Law of the Torah, you cannot begin a war without first appealing to the other side. Even if he is an enemy to you, you have to [first] call him for Shalom (peace)... Not going and solving problems by war, or by bloodshed, but rather talking and speaking together. Through understanding each other and finding a way that we can all can live together with peace, with happiness. This is the point that we feel that now we are standing here in Turkey. Together with Mr. Adnan Oktar, together with Ayoob Kara, and our Christian and Druze friends and we are together from here giving the call to all to know... By taking from the morality of the Holy Books and from religion [we are] fighting against the materialism... As Mr. Adnan Oktar writes in his books that we have to fight this idea of building our lives on materialism.

Therefore in this congress, Mr. Adnan Oktar advises us that we will make a big congress from all the religions of the world. [We must state] that we are taking all our power for making Shalom (peace) from the light of the belief, the holy morality that is written in the whole Holy Books and the holy ways that we have to go. Therefore according to the plan that Mr. Adnan suggests, we hope to first assemble a great congress in Turkey of all religious leaders in the world. From Turkey, just like Abraham also came when he began his way of lighting the light of belief and morality and good. From Turkey on the way to Eretz HaKodesh (Holy Land). The second conference that we will do it will be in Jerusalem, because this is the way, from here we begin. But we continue farther...


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