Prophet Abraham (pbuh) Spreads the Religion

Prophet Abraham definitively split from his pagan tribe but continued to tell them of the existence and oneness of God.

Among those who failed to comply with the true religion was his own father. Prophet Abraham patiently explained to his people that the statues they made with their own hands could never be divine, and that God was the only god. He employed gentleness to combat the hostile treatment meted out to him by these people. His response to his tribe is an example of determination and courage for all believers. It is revealed thus in the Qur’an:


His tribe argued with him. He [Abraham] said: “Are you arguing with me about God, when He has guided me? I have no fear of any partner you ascribe to Him, unless my Lord should will such a thing to happen. My Lord encompasses all things in His knowledge, so will you not pay heed?” (Qur’an, 6:80)