Neutralizing hypocrites would neutralize the British deep state

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated December 12th, 2016

ADNAN OKTAR: By neutralizing hypocrites, we will also have eliminated the British deep state's army. All members of the British deep state consist of hypocrites. Hypocrites feed on one thing: arrogance. Just as the Jinni feed on water, hypocrites fed on egocentricity. In other words, grandeur is the only thing that occupies their minds and thoughts. Nothing else. For that reason, the British deep state does not have to spend much effort. They know hypocrites that are the army of demons very well, so when hypocrites are told, "You are indeed high and mighty. You are indeed clever. You are indeed sophisticated and well-mannered. People are truly simple-minded, witless, terrible. Contrary to them, you are truly magnificent and extraordinary," they lose their sense of reason and become enthralled. The British deep state knows how to gather hypocrites well. Uttering these words to a hypocrite mesmerizes him. For that reason, the maniacal people they are, they behave arrogantly and snobbishly in every meeting. They also have a know-it-all attitude, which is readily evident. They stand out like a sore thumb among people. Since they are know-it-alls, they constantly make things up. They lie a lot, to the point of compulsion. There is nothing hypocrites would not know. Just ask and they will tell you. Their personalities reflect their insanity.


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