Mr. David Spady’s Expressions about Turkey and Islam

A9 TV: Ladies and gentlemen thank you for being with us. We are here in beautiful southern California in Beverly Hills. I am here with Mr David Spady from Salem Communications. I have known David for few years. Before I get into speaking with David, I would like to have David introduce himself and tell us a little about his background and also briefly his trip to Istanbul.


David Spady: It is great to see you again. As you know, I work with one of the major media companies in the United States primarily involved in the world of radio. We are the third largest radio operator in the United States and had programming on about 2500 radio stations. I am also very involved in the world of politics and less been very interesting in the past year with what is taking place. I had a great trip to Turkey few years ago. You guys were gracious enough to invite me over there. It was a wonderful time. The people I met were wonderful and it was a real honor to meet Mr. Oktar and to meet the folks at A9. I really spend time getting to know Turkey in a much more personal way. So I enjoyed the trip very much. I must say the food was one of the biggest surprises but certainly one of the great things that I remember from that trip. It was something when I came back and related my experiences to many of our people who are involved in producing news shows and  talk radio-shows and was able to sort of  give them a better idea of the importance of Turkey from the geopolitical stand of point, the size, the scope of the country, the embracing modernity in a way that a lot of other Middle Eastern countries are doing and how they really play probably the most important role in the Middle East when it comes to figuring out how we can have a future you know does it have extension between the Middle East and West particularly when it comes to the radicalization of Islam.


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