Mr. Adnan Oktar's live interview by Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB TV) (A9 TV, Istanbul, November 3rd, 2011)

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Interview on A9 TV dated November 3rd, 2011

ADNAN OKTAR:Yes, I would like to say welcome to our guests, they have brought grace. Introduce us to our guests. Our Iranian guests.

TURGUT AKSU:Yes, we have guests from Iran; Saeed Mostagaci, he is a producer [in IRIB state television]. And Seyed Yasser Jebraily,he is a journalist [Chief Editor of the International Azadnegar News Agency].

ADNAN OKTAR:Masha'Allah. Bediuzzaman says that Sayyids will render a great service in the End Times. Bediuzzaman has explained in great detail that they will be in union and will render a great service in the time of the Mahdi. And now this is a reflection of that statement, Masha'Allah. Yes. Well, we welcome our guests once more and please you can go on.

SAEED MOSTAGACI: In the Name of God. I thank you and this is my honor to talk to you and nice to meet you in this program. And for welcome.

ADNAN OKTAR: You've granted us an honor, you have brought us grace. You have honored us, may Allah be pleased with you.

SAEED MOSTAGACI: My first question is that when we see the history of Islam and our history, we saw that last circle, the last circle that lasted ten centuries that Islam, its ideology, its civilization and its culture defeated all the West, all the world on time, but this circle is lost from the paper of the history. Those who deleted this circle are from the Freemasonry circles. Why would the Freemasons want to delete this page of history? Why?

ADNAN OKTAR:Allah is the One Who changes history, of course. Allah makes masons an instrument in this, He makes Templars an instrument. Had there been no such interventions in the course of history, Muslims would be left idle; I mean they would not be in such a state of determination for striving in the path of Allah, such an excitement for struggling in the path of Allah. Allah creates the system of the dajjal (anti-messiah) through humans. Allah awakens people with the system of the dajjal (anti-messiah). The system of the dajjal is a necessary foundation for the system of the Mahdi. Without the system of the Mahdi, neither the dominion of Islam would be realized, nor the appearance of the Mahdi (pbuh) nor the coming of the Prophet Jesus Messiah (pbuh). Freemasonry, atheistic freemasonry is charged with coordinating the system of the dajjal (anti-messiah). Allah has given them that task. They coordinate the system of the dajjal, they plant the system of the dajjal in front of us and the system of the dajjal motivates Muslims, it excites them, it lifts up their spirit and thus they ardently get into a great struggle. In the end, the winners will go to Heaven and the losers will go to Hell.

Atheistic Masons are a group that also the faithful Masons considered as opponents, that they also struggle against. However atheistic Masons have always been strong in general. Very recently, only in this century the faithful Masons have got into an attack against them. It has been understood from the attitude of the Masons who believe in Allah that they will take charge on the side of the Prophet Jesus Messiah (pbuh); and it has been understood that they will take their place on the side of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), we see this again in their attitude. Atheistic Masons take their place on the side of the dajjal (anti-messiah) and they will continue to do so ; this is clearly understood.

SEYED YASSER JEBRAILY: As Salamu Alaykum wa Rahmat Allah. Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim. I am very happy to be here and talk to Mr. Adnan Oktar. That is an honor for me. But the question that I have, I just wrote while I was seeing the book. The question is that you've talked about the Freemasons trying to build materialistic governments, a materialistic world. If you look at the Western countries, they have created secular governments in which they have omitted God from everyday life in the Western countries and they are trying to transfer this kind of government to the Muslim world. What they want is to omit God, omit the belief in God from the society, from the government, from the laws, from everything in the social life. How do you see the Western countries? Do you believe that what constitutes the type of government in the Western world is based on the Freemasonic ideas? They have been successful in making this kind of government in the West. Are they trying to make such governments in the Muslim world or not?

ADNAN OKTAR:Masonry is a system Allah created in order to make Islam dominate the world. Had there been no [atheistic] masonry, there would not be a system of the dajjal. Without the system of the dajjal, Islam would not prevail in the world. I mean without the negative power, Allah does not activate the positive power. Just like the satan being specifically created for testing purposes, freemasonry is created specifically as well. Atheistic masonry is of course aware that it will be defeated. I mean they are aware of the fact that an atheistic system could never dominate the world. I mean anyone with reason would know that. However they are doing this unconsciously. But Masons who believe in Allah are aware of this fact, I mean they know that the Prophet Jesus Messiah (pbuh) will come, most of them do. Many of them know that the Mahdi (pbuh) will appear as well. I mean, I personally know that the Masons are aware of the fact that Islam will dominate the world eventually. I mean I am in contact with high ranking Masons. However the atheistic Masons are not aware of this. I mean they are advocating irreligiousness unconsciously, they are advocating atheism and they do not think much about the disasters that would bring about. Actually there is nothing that would be brought about. That is because freemasonry is a system Allah specifically created and -just like the satan- is bound to be defeated, it is created to be defeated. Since it is bound to be defeated, it has now begun that process of defeat. Atheistic Masons have been cornered in France, they have been squeezed in England. Masons who believe in Allah are on the move.

SEYED YASSER JEBRAILY: Sorry, my question. I want Mr. Oktar to be some more tangible. What I mean is to give us some examples what is this, the war between Islam and Freemasonry? Who are the representatives of Islam in this world and who are the representatives of Freemasonry? I mean...

Mr.TURGUT AKSOY: In these times?

SEYED YASSER JEBRAILY: In these times. I want the tangible examples of Freemasonry. Which governments are based on Freemasonry? Which countries, which scholars are Freemasons and trying to do what? Where have they been successful, where have they not been successful and give a clear explanation of the current world. A tangible one. I mean the executive arm of Freemasonry is who? Who implements the dictated laws of Freemasonry?

ADNAN OKTAR:For instance, both Darwin himself and his grandfather was a Mason. Lenin was a Mason, Karl Marx was a Mason. These are the mob that represents atheistic freemasonry. Those who represent the system of the dajjal will come up with the ideology of the system of the dajjal. The system of the Mahdi comes up with an ideology as well. At the moment the system of the dajjal is left in a powerless and helpless situation in the face of the system of the Mahdi. This occurrence known as the Arab Spring is a situation originating from the victory of the system of the Mahdi. Freemasonry used to be prevalent in the Arabic countries. It was prevalent in Egypt. For instance, Anwar Sadat was a Mason. Many of the administrators of Egypt were Masons. I mean up until the very last moment the administrators were atheistic Masons. This is the situation in Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and Libya as well. However they have seen that Darwinism, materialism has collapsed. Now in the meetings of Freemasons, it is no longer possible to depict Darwinism as a valid theory; people are embarrassed to talk about it. Verily since they actually believe that it died, that it is a vain theory, since they sincerely are convinced about this fact; within a human feeling of embarrassment they are unable to talk about it. When there is no Darwinism, atheistic freemasonry cannot exist. Consequently atheistic masonry is a vain flutter by retiring into its own shell, by adopting an anti-democratic attitude, by cornering Masons who do believe in Allah and by trying to expel them from their lodges. We are following this very closely. They will never be able to attain any results from that. Allah creates adversity specifically. For instance, Hazrat Khidr (pbuh) may provocate incidents when the result will be for the benefit of Islam. What does he do in such cases? He might for instance damage a ship if there is a possibility of it being confiscated. He might make it destruct . Freemasonry is the field of action for Hazrat Khidr (pbuh). I mean it is a system that is under the control of Hazrat Khidr (pbuh). Consequently it is not a system that has an independent serious power. They can only possess power as much as Allah Wills them to possess, only as much as Khidr (pbuh) leads them to possess. And now they have performed their task; they have dragged the world into the system of the dajjal, into wars, they have dragged the world into pain. These were all preordained in destiny; masonry had thus enabled the events that were bound to happen within destiny. For instance, there had to be big wars; these are mentioned in the Gospel, they are also mentioned in the hadiths. They are mentioned in the Torah as well. They have caused the realization of all these events that are bound to happen. They have caused the realization of all the events referred to in the hadiths but they are not doing this consciously; I mean they do so with the guidance of Allah, Allah is using Hazrat Khidr (pbuh) while guiding them. Of course that is a secret, I am not going to broach the subject any further. But that is a secret that would be enough for the understanding one to comprehend.

SAEED MOSTAGACI: In the sixteenth century, Zionists created the new ideologies called secularism and humanism. That these ideologies, both sides of one ideology, is shown in many of the organizations and ideology, many ideologies in the West. In the new science, in the new culture, and built a new West, this ideology. Before these two, both sides of this ideology, one idea is created by those Zionists that is called apocalyptic and like a human that can save the world. And this apocalyptic ideology come to this century from the 16th century to now, the 21st century. And with this ideology made, it built a new Freemasonry. In many several form that ruin the old structure of Freemasonry. We see this new form of this Freemasonry, neo-Freemasonry. I ask Mr. Oktar that would you describe this form of this new Freemasonry in this time that bridges in many centers of power of culture and science and politics and economy and etc.

ADNAN OKTAR:If they hadn't have done that there would not be a system of the dajjal anyway. For the system of the dajjal to exist, they have to do this, if they go on with their classical moves then freemasonry would not be doing its duty. If the dajjal does not appear, neither would Mahdi, if Mahdi (pbuh) does not appear, Islam would not dominate the world. Within the destiny Allah creates this system in a sequence with a wondrous creation and grants, binds those to people and as a result defeats them; at the moment freemasonry, atheistic freemasonry is left helpless. Masons who believe in Allah are on the attack one after the other, that is because the data of science shows this; the proof presented by the system of the Mahdi suggests this. The atheistic freemasonry is left weak and frail in a crumpled up attitude. They have lost their power severely. The system of the Mahdi is progressing step by step.

SAEED MOSTAGACI: I mean that the Freemasonry appears in many forms along these four centuries. Sometimes in an invisible college, a scientific college that many famous scientists were part of like Francis Bacon, like John Locke, like John Milton etc. Sometimes it appears in cults, mini cults like Bahai, like Babel, like Sufi. And sometimes, especially at this time, it appears in many cults in several forms named Wushu, Paulo Coelho and etc. I ask what is the relation between these cults and new forms of Freemasonry that are spoken of and the old structure old culture, that like the Grand Orient Lodge, Scottish Lodge and etc. What relation is there between these and those? Is there a structure after four century?

TURGUT AKSU:They made up all these things and what is the relation you ask?

SAEED MOSTAGACI: What happened in these four centuries that those old structures, old forms come down to these centuries and became these forms. These many, several forms that appear in the culture, in the novel, in the religion and in many of the sciences and etc.? What is the relation between those and these? Today and the past?

Excuse me, there is a need for the new generation to have a knowledge about new forms, new forms of Freemasonry and to know about the newest structure of Freemasonry. It is my idea that it is very, it is needed for these.

TURGUT AKSU: Needed for today's students?

SAEED MOSTAGACI: For today's and the new generation.

ADNAN OKTAR:Masonry is, after all, a system formed by weak people under the control of Allah. One might assume that they act on a plan, but actually freemasonry is a gathering which acts according to the plan Allah has set up. Satan acts within the knowledge of Allah, within the limits of power bestowed by Allah. Freemasonry acts within the limits of power Allah bestowed upon them as well. There is always a need for opposites. For instance, Pharaoh was a Mason, he acted against the Prophet Moses (pbuh) with all his might, but there was a need for his existence. If the Prophet Moses (pbuh) had such a powerful set off, if he were to become the Prophet Moses (pbuh); Allah realized that by using Pharaoh as an instrument. I mean without the Pharaoh, there wouldn't be a Prophet Moses (pbuh). For instance, Nimrod was also a Mason, he was an atheistic mason, Allah used him as an instrument and brought the Prophet Abraham (pbuh) forward. Freemasonry existed at the time of our Prophet (saas) as well; they came out against our Prophet (saas) with all their might, but that opposition enabled Muslims to get stronger and become victorious. Without that opposition, Muslims remain inactive; for instance, the occupation of Iraq excited Muslims. When Afghanistan was invaded, Muslims got excited as well. Without such an attitude, an idleness, languor and reluctance about the dominion of Islam comes upon Muslims. In order to provide this Allah uses the freemasonry organization. And Allah assigns Hazrat Khidr (pbuh) to assure that.

SAEED MOSTAGACI: How does the new generation recognize this? Can we say supporting imperialism and Zionism from this cult and ideology, could we give us a line that we can recognize new Freemasonry? Can we?

SEYED YASSER JEBRAILY: I think he means that what is the form of the new version of Freemasonry? How we can detect that these lines of idea is related to Freemasonry?

SAEED MOSTAGACI: In the simple form, in a simple formula, can we say supporting imperialism; like America? And Zionists from these lines, from these cults, from these ideologies, from this science, could give us a form that we can recognize this new Freemasonry?

SEYED YASSER JEBRAILY: Just for completing Mr. Mostagaci's idea, we want a simple formula to detect who is the current Freemasonry, who is the current enemy of Islam and what is the duty of Muslims regarding that.

ADNAN OKTAR:Muslims should be in a state of unity. There are some people who provoke Muslims against this unity. For instance, they make discrimination between Shia and Sunni, they discriminate against Jaferites, they discriminate against Wahhabis. They try to give prominence to the hodjas who makes such discrimination, who encourages such discrimination; they present such people as valuable. That is a dissension. Giving prominence to those Muslim hodjas who want to unite Muslims would be a good attitude, that would be the correct move. The truth of the matter is that freemasonry does not have a power at all. I mean there is the short-sightedness and laziness of some Muslims. Or else, if the Muslims were to form an alliance and love each other, there would be no capitalist danger or masonic danger in the world; there would not be a danger of masonry or the power of satan; nothing remains and the atheistic Masons will be all crumpled up. The door to religious freemasons would be opened. Consequently Muslims should be ambitious to unite around the system of the Mahdi; Allah has shown us the solution for the mischief and dissension all around the world. He has shown us the way to solve the damage caused by atheistic freemasonry, the damage done by the persecutors. Almighty Allah tells us to "unite around Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)." That should be done. The Christian world should gather around the Prophet Jesus Messiah (pbuh). If one sees Mahdi as a dream, I mean if he sees his existence as impossible, then that means they consider Masons to be rightful. That means they consider atheistic Masons to be right and that they deserve the trouble. But if they believe in the words of our Prophet (saas), if they unite around the system of the Mahdi, then there will be an instant shower of mercy, and Islam would dominate the world instantly. Masons will be happy, Zionists will be happy; everyone will be happy, everyone will adhere to Islam. Let the prominent Muslims unite; let the leading ones among our Shia brothers, among our Jaferite brothers and Wahabis unite and let us form an alliance about the system of the Mahdi. Once an alliance on the subject matter of the system of the Mahdi is established, once it is confirmed, it means that freemasonry has ended that day. It means that wild capitalism and the system of the dajjal has ended. If Muslims fail to do that, they would have nothing to say about the system of the dajjal, the system of the dajjal will then prevail, progress and crush them. But in destiny Almighty Allah pitied Muslims, even if Muslims laze about, the system of the Mahdi would still prevail, it will dominate the world in any case. However we should still use all means, Jaferite, Shia, Sunni all sincere Muslims, all wise Muslims, all men of good cause, all real Muslims who fear Allah and who love Allah, Muslims who hate hypocrites, sincere, candid Muslims should come together, let us study the hadiths of the Messenger of Allah (saas). The time for Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) has come, the portents have all been realized, it is impossible to ignore, let us unite, let us search for the Mahdi (pbuh), let us abide by Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), let us establish the unity of Islam, so that the world would be saved, so would freemasons, so would everyone else.

SAEED MOSTAGACI: But Wahhabi, the cult that was created by Zionists. What is related between Wahhabi, Shia and Sunni? I think that any relation between two of the sects, that one of them is created by Zionism and two of them, Sunni and Shia, belong to Islam.

TURGUT AKSU: Wahhabis are listening to Zionist people do you say?

SAEED MOSTAGACI: [It] is created by Zionists.

SEYED YASSER JEBRAILY: Wahhabi ideas are created by Zionism.

ADNAN OKTAR:No, there are many reasonable Wahhabis, many powerful people among them. They can be detected one by one, I mean there are very wise, sincere people from the (Saudi) Royal family who set their hearts on the system of the Mahdi. If only Turkey and Iran united, if only Pakistan had united, if only the scholars were to form an alliance, the Wahhabis would submit to that in any way. That would not be a point of discussion. I mean Egypt, Turkey these are great countries; Iran, Pakistan once they say yes to something, then the matter would be closed with that .

SAEED MOSTAGACI: That is right. But we have many documents that Wahhabi ideology by Muhammad Abd-al-Wahhab and Mr. Hempher, the famous spy of Britain in England. Wahhabi ideology was created by those and was expanded by Ali Saud that were charged by some Zionists like Sir Lawrence, Thomas Lawrence known as Lawrence of Arabia. For all of these we have many documents that this ideology is Zionist ideology. But when fans of this ideology will see Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), exactly go to the Islam, the real Islam; Shias and so. But the Wahhabi ideology is a Zionist ideology.

TURGUT AKSU: And you have many documents?

SAEED MOSTAGACI: Not me, these documents are issued in many of the...

SEYED YASSER JEBRAILY: They are for everyone.


SAEED MOSTAGACI: Diaries of Mr. Hempher's were issued and the book…

SEYED YASSER JEBRAILY: Mr. Hempher was a spy in Saudi Arabia and in his memoires he has mentioned that this idea was created by Zionism.

SAEED MOSTAGACI: And the relation between Thomas Lawrence, Lawrence of Arabia, and Ali Saud is...

SEYED YASSER JEBRAILY: Is explored, disclosed.

SAEED MOSTAGACI: And issued everywhere.

ADNAN OKTAR: The Saudi regime is like a tower made up of cardboard; I mean it is exceedingly weak. It is a system that would instantly collapse with any blow, with any hitch. That is to say, it is the weakest, most powerless regime, most powerless state structure is in Saudi Arabia, in the Wahhabi administration. There are some right-minded, enlightened members of the Royal family among the Wahhabis and their hearts are open towards the system of the Mahdi. But first they would like to see a power. I mean when they see that power, I have a sincere conviction that they would instantly submit, and I have knowledge in that respect. Even if only Iran and Turkey form an alliance about the system of the Mahdi, even if it was only among Iran and Turkey, the matter would be closed. I mean there would be no need even for Egypt and Pakistan. That is the whole issue; forming an alliance about this. That is why, if there are individuals among the scholars in Iran who are not stern -but see that they should not be stern- who are sincere, who fear Allah and who are candid; those who do not fear people, but only fear Allah –we cannot talk to those who fear people. There are right-minded scholars in Turkey as well. There are enlightened, very sincere Muslims, hidden guides in Turkey. Let us get together and form an alliance about the system of the Mahdi and talk. Let us look into the hadiths of the Messenger of Allah and see if the time has come. If the time has come, let us see if the portents have been realized. If they had been realized, that means that the Mahdi has come. Let us trust Allah, let us trust the Messenger of Allah (pbuh), let us form an alliance, let us abide by the Mahdi, let us abide by the system of the Mahdi. Once Turkey comes to an agreement with Iran, Zionism will be like a lamb. Wahhabis would instantly be settled, peace would come to the whole world, brotherhood would come. I mean Zionism would not suffer in the time of the system of the Mahdi, Jews will all be very comfortable, that is mentioned in the hadiths. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will govern the Jews with the original Torah and Christians with the original Gospel. The whole matter is in sincerely believing in the system of Mahdi. When they do not believe in it sincerely Allah gives troubles, scourges, disturbances and Muslims fall out with each other. They split off into congregations, into sects and this misery goes on and on with a constant demagogy. Allah wants us to abide by Mohammed Mahdi (pbuh) among the children of our Prophet (saas) by putting our trust in a single brain, a single mind. He says "If you abide by him, I will give you comfort, peace and goodness." Instead of saying "Would that happen?" let us see that it will happen, let us get together and talk and then you will see if it would happen or not. This is something that will instantly happen, it is not something complicated. Weakness in faith brings about weakness in mind. Weakness in mind brings about weakness and disability. If Muslims trust in Allah, if they believe in the words of the Messenger of Allah, if they abide by the system of the Mahdi; even if only Iran and Turkey come to an agreement, the whole world will be saved, let me say that much. That is very clear. I believe that (President) Ahmadinejad is very sincere. Let them send us a group of right-minded, sincere people –but they should not be stern- and there is a very important condition; these people should not fear people, they should only fear Allah, they should look for the approval of Allah, not the approval of the public; let them send sincere saintly people from among the Shia, Jaferite brothers, those who are the sincere lovers of the Mahdi; let them come here, we are inviting them. The lovers of the Mahdi from among the saintly people in Turkey are ready as well. If we get together, the Mahdi will appear like the light of the day and will be seen. We can very easily come to an agreement, it will very easily be understood, there is nothing to misunderstand. Turkey and Iran are two super powers. Once Iran says yes to something, Pakistan would instantly say yes, Iraq would instantly say yes, Syria would instantly say yes, Jordan would instantly say yes. Once Turkey says yes to something, Egypt would instantly say yes. All the Sunni states in the region would say yes. Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria would all say yes, there is nothing complicated, there is nothing difficult either. Let us put our trust in Allah, let us do this, (President) Ahmedinejad is very sincere but there should people who support him, there are many people who try to pull the rug out from under him, there are sinister people, there are people who seek the approval of the people, not the approval of Allah; a leader should be protected from such people. See how the roads will then be opened, how will everything be beautified. Israel would embrace the Mahdi. They are waiting for the Mahdi, they are also waiting for the Mahdi under the name King Messiah, Shiloh. Once the friends of Allah get together, they would instantly find the Mahdi. But if they do not do this; that means that Muslims are already accepting what is happening to them, I mean if they do not accept the words of the Prophet, if they do not heed his words, that means that they are in a sense accepting the persecution of the others. I mean, if they do not trust in the words of the Messenger of Allah, whose words would they put their trust in? The words of the Messenger of Allah are the words of Allah. If one says that he does not trust in the words of the Messenger of Allah, that means he does not trust in Allah. Then there would be nothing left to be said upon that. If one trusts Allah, let him embrace the means and see how Allah would lead him to salvation. What if it does not happen? My brother how could such a thing be acceptable? Then where would that take him to? May Allah forbid; that would take him to a sick way of thinking in which he might come up and say what if Allah does not exist, what if there is no Hereafter? A Muslim should trust in Allah, if I say that Mahdi has come, that is because he did come. The End of Times has come, I mean I wouldn't have said it that openly if I was not so sure about it. And once Muslims decide on this; I mean if the Muslims of only Iran and Turkey decide on this matter, an era of peace, an era of welfare, an era of beauty will commence and this will happen within a very short period of time. The whole issue lies with their avoiding being stern. I mean if there are sincere people, if there are people who sincerely fear Allah, this matter would instantly be solved. This century will be the century of Islam, and you will see this anyway, insha'Allah. For that to happen we need to embrace the means.

SEYED YASSER JEBRAILY: You talked about the Islamic governments in the world after the coming of Imam Mahdi. İslam'ın hakimiyeti. And in other places in your books, you have said that we, Muslims, should try to reach what Imam Mahdi wants for us, what Islam wants for us. And reach something that is Islam implemented in our lives. But there are some people who do not want to see Islam implemented in our lives. For example in Iran, we have former president Mohammad Khatami who recently said that even Imam Mahdi should not be obeyed by people. The government should be elected by people, regardless of anything, just a majority should vote and elect the government, and Imam Mahdi will be the teacher not the governor. What is your idea about this? Do you think that Imam Mahdi will be governor? Should we try to implement Islam in our lives? Or not; Imam Mahdi will not be the governor, we should not obey him and just now in our new lives we should obey what the majority of the people say, what the majority of people decide. What do you think about that?

ADNAN OKTAR:He [Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)] would of course not interfere with the governments. Mahdi would not have time for such a thing anyway. Mahdi is someone like a father whose ideas are benefitted from, who is loveable, who is loved by the whole society, who gives spirit, love and understanding of beauty to society, whose words are kept by everyone, who is obeyed. Consequently what he said is right.

SAEED MOSTAGACI: So [former president] Khatami says that nobody should obey him? Is he right?

ADNAN OKTAR: Muslims would not listen to [former president] Khatami about such a matter. Muslims in general are important in this. There are many professors, many people like former president Khatami in our country as well. I mean there are some interesting people, people who do not accept the Ahl al-Sunnah belief, the Jaferite belief, the Sunni belief , there are many such people. Such opinions are not important; I mean a person's being famous, gaining recognition or taking an office within the structure of the state would not make him superior than the Mahdi. Mahdi would not be counseled, he would be the one who would advise others. I mean it is not possible for anyone to lead Mahdi by advising him, Mahdi is the one who leads people with his advice. Consequently hundreds, thousands of people like former president Khatami will come up, that is very reasonable. The conviction of Muslims in general is clear. It is very clear and people completely abide by the system of the Mahdi. Mahdi is true in the Hanafi, Hanbali, Maliqi, and Shafi schools and the expectation for Mahdi is very high at the moment. That is because the world is waiting for salvation. Former president Khatami being against him [would not matter]. People like Anwar Sadat or Saddam [Hussein] have all come out against the system of the Mahdi. The late Libyan President Gaddafi has come out against it as well. But if you noticed people, did not listen to them. People advocates what is right and true.

SEYED YASSER JEBRAILY: Just one more question I have. Is it possible?

ADNAN OKTAR: Yes please go ahead.

SEYED YASSER JEBRAILY: You've talked about the weakness of capitalism as a sign of, capitalism as a symptom and as a representative of masonry, Freemasonry. Do you believe that the current movements in the Western world against capitalism is a sign of that weakness?

TURGUT AKSU: In the United States?

SEYED YASSER JEBRAILY: In the US, in the Western countries.

SAEED MOSTAGACI: And other countries, many countries.

SEYED YASSER JEBRAILY: There is a movement against capitalism. You consider that these movements will further weaken capitalism and Freemasonry?

ADNAN OKTAR: Of course, I mean capitalism is very barely standing upright. That is to say it is in collapse, it is in a state of coma. They are just barely trying to keep it alive. There are the capitalists of the world and they are trying to keep it alive with all their might but the system does not keep up. It is going towards death in front of the eyes of the whole world. That is ensured by the blessing of the system of the Mahdi. That is Allah showing His Power. It is the same with the economic crisis in the world. It is metaphysical, it doesn't have an explanation. It started in 2007, and I have said that it will go on until 2014. First they said no, they said that it will end within a year, in the end the IMF accepted what I have said, made an official statement and declared that the economic crisis will go on until 2014. They have seen that they are nothing in the face of Allah's Power, and this statement of mine about 2014 was a metaphysical statement; I mean the declaration they have made about this matter does not have a scientific aspect. They just communicated what they have heard from me.

The appearance of people who oppose the system of the Mahdi is a portent of the appearance of the Mahdi. Had they not been sure that Mahdi had appeared, they wouldn't have felt the need to oppose the system of the Mahdi. Since they are well aware that Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) has appeared, these are all words said within that panic. Consequently, those words of people who oppose the system of the Mahdi could cause an increase in the excitement of the Muslims who would regard that as a portent of the system of the Mahdi.

Alright I thank you. May Allah be pleased with you, we would, insha'Allah see you again. The Unity of Islam will be formed, Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will appear and you will see all these within this century, let your hearts be at ease. I am sending my regards to all my Iranian Shia and Jaferite brothers, all of my Alawite and Wahhabi brothers, I am sending my regards to my Sunni brothers. Let them all hold on to the system of the Mahdi tightly, let them all hold on to the Qur'an tightly, let them love one another very much, Allah will show us those beautiful days very soon. And you will all say "He had said this," insha'Allah.


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