Mr. Adnan Oktar's February 2017 Media Publications

Mr. Adnan Oktar's articles, which appear in prominent international newspapers and magazines, attract a wide readership across the world.

The articles  are published in various countries from Russia to the USA, from Iran to Saudi Arabia, from Bosnia-Herzegovina to Malaysia, from Spain to Azerbaijan. These articles enlighten millions of readers about scientific, social, political and faith-related issues.

Some of the articles of Mr. Adnan Oktar that appeared in February 2017 in the world press are as follows:

The Daily Star - the leading English -language newspaper in the Middle East and the leading source of Middle East news and information on the Internet – "A league to extinguish the flames of war"

American Herald Tribune, the leftist independent newsportal of the USA –  "More Soldiers", "More Bombs" and "More Weapons" are not what Afghanistan Needs & "Why are deadly industries promoted?"

Tehran Times, Iran's most  prominent English-language daily newspaper – "The harbinger of a strong alliance: Astana negotiations" & "No end in sight for sufferings of Rohingyas"

Pravda, Russia's oldest internet newspaper - "Syria is one step closer to peace" & "Will US visa restriction halt terrorists?"

The Jerusalem Post – Israel's leading English-language internet newspaper – "Trump, the Islamic world and Israel"

The Jakarta Post - Indonesia's leading English-language daily newspaper - "Astana peace talks: Diplomacy wins over military once again"

Iran’s most circulated and widely-read daily Farsi language newspaper Shargh Daily - "Trapped behind the walls"

The New Strait Times,  one of the oldest English-language newspapers in Malaysia - "Declare war on terror, but how?"

The Gulf Times, Qatar's English-language newspaper- "Reviving the land of riches" & "Travel ban not a solution to terror threat"

The China Post –Taiwan's leading English-language daily newspaper in readership, reaching over 400,000 unique readers through print and online media. – "In a turbulent world, what is truth?"

Makkah Newspaper – Saudi Arabia's leading newspaper – "What it means to be a Syrian child" & "Trump and the Islamic World" & "Reviving the land of riches" & "No end in sight for sufferings of Rohingyas"

Berita Harian – One of Malaysia's leading newspapers published since 1957, with a daily circulation of 110.000 and 1,500,000 readers – "Will US visa restriction halt terrorists?"

The Times of Israel – Israel's leading news website in Arabic – "Holy sites should be centers for reconciliation, not conflict" & "A call for sanity How the Quran-abiding Muslims view the Jews"

Al-Raya, one of Qatar's greatest Arabic-language newspapers – "The most refined" & "Will US visa restriction halt terrorists?" & "In a turbulent world, what is truth?" & "It will work for love"

Based in California, Christian Media Magazine is a wide and reliable source for over 50,000 subscribers – "An Islamic view on Trump's travel ban"

Ekurd Daily - the independent Kurdish news agency based in the USA – "In a turbulent world, what is truth?"

The Kashmir Monitor  - The fastest growing English daily of Kashmir, published in Srinagar, known as the largest city and the summer capital of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir - "No end in sight for sufferings of Rohingyas"



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