Luca Steinmann Talks about the Reasons Behind Wars

Presenter: When you look around today, evil and malice have increased to a level that forces the limits of human intelligence, you feel the need to lean into the search of finding the origin of this problem to stop this. How could one drop a bomb on devout people who have gone to a church to perform their acts of worship? Or how could hundreds of thousands of people be massacred in Rwanda simply because they are from a different race? As a journalist what do you think is the source of this motivation of violence on people?

Luca Steinmann:  Well, deep questions… First of all we can say that on a geopolitical level there are many forces interested in creating chaos and interested in creating wars, because wars are first of all business. Business for armies, business for weapons, business for real estates, business for people taking care of the migrants, thanks God not everyone but there are some cases in which we have this kind of situation. On a second level we see many civil wars in the world. Especially many civil conflicts raising in the west, where we find many different people, many different groups of people that fight against each other, that don´t have a common identity. So they search for an identity in their clan, in their group, in their origins. And this can be a deep problem for the West, because not giving good identity and not providing national values that can bring the people together inside the society and on the same time not respecting the human right of some of the people living on the ground, well, this can bring a civil clash and to a civil war, that might be not concentrated in just one part, in just one point, in just one city but can be wide spread on all the European, on the Western continent and on the western areas.