Luca Steinmann (Journalist and Lecturer) Explains the Situation of Syrian Refugees in Europe

Presenter: What would you like to say about the Syrian refugees in Europe?

Luca Steinmann: Well, there are a million of Syrian people that escape from the country and went to Europe and they are hosted now in many countries, especially in Germany. The point is, that not all the people that enter in Europe are effectively the Syrians. For instance you have in Germany many Palestinian people -that were born and raised in Palestinian refugees camps in Syria or in Lebanon- that now moved there and they were registered as “ungeklärt” which means like not clarified unique nationalities or as Syrian refugees because indeed they were born and raised in Syria but they are bringing, of course, different issues, different mentalities than the Syrian ones. So it is a relevant point for instance for Germany, because having so many Palestinian people inside the German borders means also bringing a new perception of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Of course most of these Palestinians are very against Israel, and Germany is basing its new identity on its relationship with Israel and with the remembering of the Shoah Tragedy. So this is a very important issue that will be for sure have to be discussed in the next years and months.


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