Live Conversation of Adnan Oktar with His Guests, Rabbi Yeshayahu Hollander and Mr. Assaf Gibor on A9 TV on March 13th, 2016

Presenter: Have a great evening, dear viewers. We are starting our Live Conversation with Adnan Oktar. We have two very valuable guests with us today. Now, Oktar Babuna will introduce them to you.

Oktar Babuna: One of our guests today is Rabbi Yeshayahu Hollander. Last year Rabbi Yeshayahu Hollander resigned from the positions of Foreign Minister of the Sanhedrin Rabbinical Court and the Deputy Head of the Bnei Noah Jerusalem Court in order to devote his time to Interfaith activities. In the past Rabbi Hollander taught in a religious school, and in the Tel Aviv University. Rabbi Hollander is educated on theoretical physics and at the same time a licensed patent attorney.

Our other guest is Mr. Assaf Gibor. He is the the representative of Arab and Palestine relations of the Hebrew Makor Rishon which is a weekly with highest circulation in Israel, as well as the popular Hebrew website NRG. Welcome.

Adnan Oktar: It is a pleasure and an honor to welcome you; we love you so much. You are the sons of the Prophet Moses (pbuh), and the sons of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh). Masha’Allah. Now, we may kindly ask Rabbi Hollander to go on.

Rabbi Hollander: Thank you very much. We are here again. We have a mission from Allah, from God, and that is to bring the understanding of how religious people to behave to one another in this world. I very much appreciate the efforts Mr. Adnan Oktar has been making and, insha’Allah, will be making in the future and we hope that the Almighty will send success to all his efforts.

Adnan Oktar: The statements in the Torah and in the Qur’an are true. And, the accounts in the hadiths of our Prophet (pbuh) are true as well. The Torah says there will be such hard days, and then Moshiach, namely Mahdi, will appear. According to the Torah, the children of Israel will settle in the region and live happily in the promised lands. As far as I am concerned, Moshiach’s being one of the children of Israel is the means to the realization of this promise in the Torah.

We will see Moshiach. It is time for him to appear. All of the portents refer to his appearance. Syria in such tribulation, Iraq in such a devastated situation, bombs, bloodshed, children drowning in the sea are all [signs] directly related to Moshiach['s appearance]. These incidents have never been recorded in the world history; this is the first time that such occurences take place. The frequency of earthquakes has never increased to the same degree as today; it is the first time that the incidence of earthquakes has been so high since the 1980s. It is the first time that the meteors that accumulate in the atmosphere of the Earth have been so many that they appear in the form of a cloud. There has been bloodshed and incidents occurring in every place indicated in the Torah. These are the most explicit portents of the appearance of Moshiach.

The bloodshed will end and the incidents will cease upon the appearance of Moshiach. The Temple of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) will be rebuilt in the most spectacular and the most beautiful way. Hundreds of tons, thousands of tons of pure gold will be utilized in the construction. The House of Prayer of the Prophet Solomon in Jerusalem will shine brilliantly from a long distance. And, his palace will be built [as well] with hundreds of tons, thousands of tons of pure gold in a similar way, shining glitteringly. Jerusalem will be, so to say, like Heaven.

Judgment Day is inevitably soon, there is no other time. The time is over according to the calendar of Jewish people and also of the Muslims. There is at most a period of 100 years ahead. Everything will occur over this period. The descendants of the Prophet Moses (pbuh), and the descendants of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh) will be very delighted to see the promised is made real. God is doing that forcefully with His power at the moment, and nobody can stand against that. Have you got any questions to ask?

Assaf Gibor: I want to ask a question to Mr. Adnan Oktar. This is about during these days, how do you see the development of the misinterpreted Islamic impression all over the world? Especially in Syria and Iraq, and now in Turkey, Palestine and Israel also: What do you think about this misinterpreted Islamic image that conquered the world?

Adnan Oktar: Muslims have left Islam, many of them turned out to be idolaters, which is an incident described in the hadiths. True Islam is not followed now, but the truth of Islam will be practiced under the leadership of Moshiach-Mahdi. He will purely abide by the Qur’an, according to my belief, and the original truths of the Torah. Moshiach will find and bring out the Ark of the Covenant of the Prophet Moses (pbuh). He will take it right onto the Temple Mount, and place it in the middle of that area, the vacant space in front of the Masjid Al-Aqsa.

The Holy Ark is now hidden. The two tablets of the Torah engraved by the Prophet Moses (pbuh) will be unearthed inside of it. A part of the staff of the Prophet Moses (pbuh) and a golden container with the manna inside will be discovered in the Ark of the Covenant. The Prophet Moses (pbuh) had ordered manna to be kept for the next generations so that it would be found in unspoilt form in the time of Moshiach. There will be many other holy relics found inside the Ark. It is now intact, protected in concealment in safe hands.

Assaf Gibor: You are very well aware that Jews blame you because they think you denied the Holocaust. It is a very intricate issue. Can you clarify your real opinion about the Holocaust?

Adnan Oktar: I am of Israeli origin. My grandparents and my lineage are from the Prophet Jacob (pbuh), namely, Israel. Genocide is a dreadful scourge, a terrible atrocity. Terrifying. One becomes very upset and suffers when they watch the videos and movies based on that time period.

The Jewish people are the descendants of the Prophets. Anyone who attempts to destroy the Jewish people would destroy himself. God would perish that person; God does not let such persecution happen. This has been always the case. The Jewish people do not need to worry. In the end, there will be good times ahead. However, these incidents and scourges will occur, as stated in the Torah. On the other hand, the salvation is on door steps. It is obvious that there will be major developments in three to five years.

The Jewish people should gather and ask in prayer for the appearance of Moshiach from God. Thousands of, tens of thousands of Jews should pray in front of the Wailing Wall. They should crowd into there. The sound on speakers should be turned out loud; and they should constantly and only ask for the appearance of Moshiach from God. The well-known, eminent rabbis state that they should seek Moshiach at the Gates of Rome. That given address is true.

Assaf Gibor: We are this week in five years of war in Syria. How do you see the solution to this conflict, the war in Syria? What do you think about Assad, what is supposed to be with him as a solution? What do you think about ISIS? The world thinks ISIS is a conflict and it acts in the name of Islam.   

Adnan Oktar: There are about twenty hadiths of our Prophet (pbuh) on the appearance of the ISIS and its characteristics. These describe that a group with similar nature will come out, terrorizing people and spilling blood. And, Moshiach will render them ineffective.

Assaf Gibor: Violence and bloodshed that ISIS will bring to the world?

Adnan Oktar: The Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) explained even the smallest details of the appearance of such a group. As far as I understand from the hadiths, Assad will be regretful and listen to the advice of Moshiach and will pay allegiance to him. I assume they will not kill him.

Assaf Gibor: But should he stay as the President of Syria?

Adnan Oktar: Moshiach will be the President.

Assaf Gibor: Do you think that we Jews, and Christians or even the Muslims can make a difference between Islam of ISIS and moderate Islam? Can we make a difference in them?

Adnan Oktar: Nobody other than Moshiach can make that difference: I really mean that. That is a huge disaster with a background of 1,000 years, and this occurred under the influence of satan and is based on a destructive and idolatrous foundation. Muslims and Jews, all of them should come in unity in regard to the aspiration of Moshiach. Millions of people in Iran, Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria, everyone, should come out and ask in prayer for Moshiach from God. Israel should ask for Moshiach from God. I think that Freemasonry stands up for that as well, the Knight Templars also. They should take an action on this issue, too.

Assaf Gibor: In the meantime what should we, as Israel, do about the Palestinian terror? 13-14 year old children are stabbing Jewish pregnant women and doing terror actions against people? What should the Israelis do about this?

Adnan Oktar: Television broadcasts should be based on a conscientious, merciful policy, as they generally attack devout Jews, which is terrifying. It is needless to say that it is a malicious act to attack the believers. They should surely not assault the unbelievers as well, but it is malevolent that they attack the devout ones, which appears to be based on evil grounds. A worldwide educational effort may be carried out to promote the conscience of people. However, there should be primarily practical precautions against that, but the effectiveness of these measures is only temporary. Indeed, the impact of Moshiach is profound. Any other precaution other than Moshiach would have a temporal influence.

Assaf Gibor: How do you see, Mr. Oktar, the rule of the Turkish government on all the Middle East issues? 

Adnan Oktar: Traditional Orthodox Muslims put some pressure on the government, as well as the Palestinians with a similar mindset. That is why the government kept itself at a distance from Israel. However, we have strongly encouraged the close association of Turkey and Israel. I have advised the government on that issue continually. And finally, the government decided to establish close relations with Israel, and now that decision is put into practice.

We should hasten that much more so that this alliance will improve. Turkey has strong intentions to become friends with Israel. On the other hand, both of the parties should avoid speaking against the national pride of the two countries. Both should put a good word in for the national pride of one another.

Mahdi, who is the Moshiach, represents moderate Islam in its true meaning. There is no other example that puts moderate Islam into practice.

Assaf Gibor: What do you think about the will of Israeli government to be recognized by the Palestinians? Does Islam recognize Israel as a Jewish state?

Adnan Oktar: Even though Palestine does not recognize Israel, the entire world recognizes Israel as a state. It is obvious that Israel is a state. Palestine should have approached Israel with a very friendly and amicable conduct. Then, it would be the richest country in the world, and also recognized as a state. And the two would live together in prosperity. However, this is not destined. In order that Moshiach can appear, they have to act like that.

As far as I am concerned, mostly defenseless children and women are being attacked in Israel. They should be very attentive on this issue. It is obvious that attacking helpless people is a terrible act. On the other hand, when we look into the reason why they attack devout Jews, we see that they are jealous of the believers. I do not mean that they should rather attack the unbelievers. They should act in respect and treat the irreligious people with compassion as well. All kinds of violence are indeed outrageous. Whoever is the perpetrator, that is something terrible. It is evil and malicious to spill human blood.

When Israel captures the attackers, they should avoid killing them as this will lead to more counter-attacks. The most reasonable thing to do is to arrest and imprison them. They may punish them with penal servitude for life, if necessary; however, they need to avoid executing them.

Rabbi Hollander: Executions are prohibited.

Adnan Oktar: At the instance of the attack.

Rabbi Hollander: Because of self-defense they would kill.

Adnan Oktar: If possible, it would be better for them to capture them alive. It would be so much better, leaving a positive impression.

Rabbi Hollander: Our intelligence forces are interested in capturing them alive so that they can interrogate them.  

Adnan Oktar: Yes, they have to be careful as much as possible. May Allah forbid, I would not wish that on anyone; such a hard situation.

Rabbi Hollander: Yes, it says in Halakah and it says in the Israeli law. The same thing: one may not kill in cold blood.

Rabbi Hollander: I would like to say that eight months ago I had a meeting with Sheikh Jabbari of Hebron and two other sheikhs, I don’t remember their names. And another one was a Bedouin sheikh, and he spoke English well. And the other spoke Arabic. And before we had the formal meeting, until one of the other hahamim (wise men) came, we had an informal talk. And the first question they asked me was what is your strategy? What is your plan? And I said: 10 years ago, I could have said what my plan is, but now I say my plan is to listen. Allah sends me to come to Mr. Oktar, Allah sends me to come to Beit Jala, whereever He sends me, I go. I have no plan. I just listen and go where I am sent. They liked that. He translated this into Arabic and they all discussed it and they were all very happy with it.

Adnan Oktar: Success is always after prayers in Torah. When the faithful believers and those who have profound love for God sincerely ask for something from God, a victory always follows their request.

Rabbi Hollander: Now I will tell you the second part. The second part: One of the sheikhs talked about bad people. I said I don’t think there are many bad people. Nearly all people are good people. A bad person is a person who does bad intentionally knowing that it is bad.

Then I gave an example: Let us say a young Arab who is taught in school, in the mosque, that the Jews are descendants of apes and pigs. This is what he is taught, and this is what he believes. And it is his duty to Allah to kill the Jews.

Now let us say that this young man sees me and he says, ‘Oh now I can do this great service to Allah and kill the Jew.’ And he takes his knife and he comes to kill me. And I take out my pistol and I kill him. I think he is a good man. I will kill him not because he is a bad man, I will kill him because he is threatening my life. But it is not because anyone is bad. It is because there is a mistake. And I would pray for his soul. The big problem the world is misunderstanding; mistake is not evil but may have terrible results.

Adnan Oktar: It is clear and to the point, and it is quite obvious.

Rabbi Hollander: Thank you. And so the main effort today is our responsibility is to educate as you said more than once.

And we pray for you, we pray for our people that we should be able to educate our people in such a way that they understand that violence is wrong and that peace is the only way. Insha’Allah.

Adnan Oktar: Insha’Allah. A major spiritual outbreak is necessary for that to occur. There has to be a great spiritual outbreak, which will only take place through Moshiach. The people are now tense and vacuous. In order to release this contraction, there is need for this kind of a spritiual outbreak.

Rabbi Hollander: Let us say that there is a big outbreak and then what? We need to educate the people after the explosion.

Adnan Oktar: All people would drift away and fall under the influence of such a spiritual outbreak. Because it would not take even a day to educate people; they may be corrected in a couple of hours.

Rabbi Hollander: So why should we do anything now? Let us wait for the explosion.

Adnan Oktar: People should gather and pray for the appearance of Messiah, the Moshiach so that such an outbreak can take place. It is a blast by itself. When thousands of people pray for the appearance of Moshiach insistently, the entire world will understand that there is an extraordinary happening and a great phenomenon is taking place. And, all people will drift with that. Remaining apathetic against Moshiach-Mahdi will only worsen the current disasters. The only solution is that all of the believers should come together in unity and ask for Moshiach-Mahdi from God.

Rabbi Hollander: In about 10 weeks, first we have Purim, the week after next. And then we have Pesach, Passover. And then we have [festival of] Shavuot, seven weeks later. That will be about 12 weeks from now, 13 weeks from now. That night of that day, we have maybe hundreds of thousands of people coming to the Kotel and praying. Why don’t you come and join us? You will speak on the Haram al-Sharif. They don’t allow us to the Haram al-Sharif and we will pray down below. And you come and pray above.

Adnan Oktar: Both Muslim and Jewish people should come together at the same time and altogether ask for the arrival of Moshiach-Mahdi from God.

Rabbi Hollander: That’s what we pray for. We pray for peace and for Moshiach, yes.

Oktar Babuna: But together with Muslims.

Rabbi Hollander: Let the Muslims come. Bring them.

Adnan Oktar: There will be a day that I will come, too.

Rabbi Hollander: Very soon, insha’Allah.

Adnan Oktar: Believe me, there is no other solution. The world is diseased with gangrene. It has fallen into a coma. People cannot become conscious if they do not go through a shock.

Rabbi Hollander: For instance, we have Daesh. It is a shocking event.

Adnan Oktar: All these incidents of terror and violence are a kind of a shock. All of these are the portents of the appearance of Moshiach. The attacks to the Jewish people are the portents of Moshiach’s appearance. The Jewish people should be determined and all together persistently pray for Moshiach. It should be taken to the press, and should go on television. The Internet can be used also.

Rabbi Hollander: That is a difficult problem. The television is a bit of a problem. In Israel still, except for people like Assaf who is on TV now, television is mainly in the hands of people who are not religious. But the good news is that more and more, the percentage of people who are against religion in Israel is getting smaller and smaller day-by-day.

Adnan Oktar: We will broadcast this gathering. Simultaneously, they can pray to God with determination. That will make a great impact on people.

Rabbi Hollander: Will you send a group to come to Israel to photograph, to take the picture?

Adnan Oktar: We can broadcast it live.

Rabbi Hollander: We will be in contact. So you will be coming with the TV?

Adnan Oktar: Maybe.

Rabbi Hollander: OK; I will send you the dates and you come. 

Adnan Oktar: Sure, it would be fine. Israel should raise its voice. People should ask for Moshiach from God out loud, so that everyone will be able to hear these prayers from all sides of Jerusalem. You will see how it will make an impact very soon.

Rabbi Hollander: I will be happy. We all will be happy.

Adnan Oktar: They should keep praying persistently. Since Iran waits for that [the appearance of Mahdi]; the ISIS-Daesh and the Taliban wait for that; al-Qaida waits for that. Everyone waits for that. They believe that when Mahdi appears, there will be no more bloodshed.

Rabbi Hollander: We believe that if we have 50,000 or 100,000 Jews praying at one time, actually there are many more than 100,000. But at the Kotel we can't have more than 50,000 at one time. At the same hour, that day we will have all over Israel, people praying at the same time. I think many more than 100,000. In Jerusalem we will have at least 50,000, and in my city we will have three or four thousand praying at the same time.

Adnan Oktar: That would be adequate and highly magnificent.

Rabbi Hollander: At sunrise.

Adnan Oktar: They all should pray out loud by uttering the name of Moshiach persistently. And, they should repeat this prayer again and again.

Rabbi Hollander: Oh no. It is done this way. You have first the person leading the prayers, until sunrise. Then quite and everyone prays silently.

Adnan Oktar: If it is proper in accordance with the Torah... If I can find any evidence in the Torah, I will let you know. And you may also look for this, as you would know better.

Rabbi Hollander: Yes, you are right. It also says to pray out loud, we don’t do that at sunrise. We do that separately, before and after. In sunrise we are altogether, praying silently. Before sunrise you have people praying out loud, and then quiet. People pray in their hearts. That is what we have at sunrise.

Adnan Oktar: Yes, prayers made out loud will make a great impact.

Rabbi Hollander: They don’t cry out loud, they pray in the hearts.

Adnan Oktar: Then, it may take place before sunrise.

Rabbi Hollander: After that, we will have the prayer of thanking God. At the end of thanking God, we cry to God out loud to bring salvation to the world. That would be about 10 to 15 minutes later. In Psalms, chapter 118. You can read it.

Adnan Oktar: Rabbis may gather and find a solution together. There should be a prayer that says, “Oh God, please send us Moshiach.”

Rabbi Hollander: That will be quarter of an hour later, 20 minutes later. Not altogether at the same second.

Adnan Oktar: One will say it out loud over a speaker, and others will repeat it the same way. It would be better if they could repeat it seven times.

Rabbi Hollander: The leader says out loud, and then everybody responds saying the same thing. This is in Psalms, chapter 118. And then we have a prayer like that and everyone says out loud, with a loud voice.

Adnan Oktar: It would be very nice to repeat it for seven times or twelve times: We can broadcast it live in Israel. You can set a date, and we can organize the prayer.

Rabbi Hollander: I will give you the date.

Adnan Oktar: It would be marvelous. The impact and blessing of such prayer would be noticeable soon, leading to an unimaginable enthusiasm. It would very nice if they can read the parts, the law of God related to Moshiach in the Torah. That could be a few words, for instance, three or four verses or so.

Rabbi Hollander: We read on that day about angels, we read from Hezekiel about the angels. Chapter 1 of Hezekiel.

Adnan Oktar: Particularly, the verses that mention the name of Moshiach would be very effective. One or two verses would be sufficient.

Rabbi Hollander: That we have in Psalms 118.

Adnan Oktar: We hope to hear this good news from you.

Rabbi Hollander: I will send you first of all the verses from the Psalms, and I will send you the date. I will send you what is done. I don’t think I can influence 100,000 Jews right away. You are welcome of course.

Adnan Oktar: Rabbis are considerably influential and very nice people. God will help them to come together. 

Rabbi Hollander: It says in the Torah that Jews are very stubborn people. If we weren’t stubborn people, we would not be here.

Adnan Oktar: We love the Jews. We love the descendants of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh).

Rabbi Hollander: Thank you, I am glad. We love all people. We are all brothers, under Adam and Eve. We are all brothers and sisters.

Adnan Oktar: Masha’Allah, it is true. But the Promised Land is given as glad tidings for the descendants of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh). Moshiach, insha’Allah, will dominate that. The Qur’an as well as the Torah indicates that to be so. Masha’Allah.

Rabbi Hollander: The Children of Jacob.

Adnan Oktar: You will see that God will help.

Rabbi Hollander: So we will correspond, we have time.

Adnan Oktar: The angels of God wander around in Jerusalem.

Rabbi Hollander: Netziv Chaim, one of our very important modern commentators, modern means the beginning of the 19th Century... He says, I think I mentioned this to Mr. Oktar last time or the time before last, that we create the angels. We create the angels. It is up to us to make angels. Angels are created by our good deeds. So it is up to us, we determine. You say that the time has come for Moshiach, it is up to us to make him come.

Adnan Oktar: Yes, it is remarkable indeed.

Rabbi Hollander: Let’s continue our good work.

Adnan Oktar: Insha’Allah. Could you please bring the anointing oil obtained from the olives of Mount Olive in your next visit? It would be such a good gift for me.

Rabbi Hollander: From Mount of Olive? But now Mount Olive is a cemetery. The Prophet [Zechariah] says that Mount of Olives, when Messiah comes, it will be split into two, there will be an earthquake, and the Mount of Olive will be split and then we can have new trees and new olive oil.

Adnan Oktar: Maybe there is one olive tree left.

Rabbi Hollander: OK. I have to find out. I don't know. Since it is a cemetery and I am a Kohen, I can’t go there. I have to ask.

Adnan Oktar: We love Kohanim (priests) particularly since they are the ones that will come to the Prayer House as servants.

Rabbi Hollander: And you will come and pray with us.

Adnan Oktar: Yes, insha’Allah.

Rabbi Hollander: Very soon, insha’Allah.

Adnan Oktar: I have looked through the pictures of the Prayer House that you gave. I am not completely satisfied about them. The ones in my mind are much more beautiful than those.

Rabbi Hollander: I am willing, I will be happy.

Adnan Oktar: They should utilize thousands of tons 24-carat gold, and the Prayer House should shine like a star from a distance.

Rabbi Hollander: Top grade gold.

Adnan Oktar: It will shine like a light at a distance.

Rabbi Hollander: People from the Temple Institute, I will ask them to come and they can discuss with you. I will ask them, I don’t know if they will come.

Adnan Oktar: I absolutely need to see the version in my mind. We will sacrifice animals there, and its smell will spread all over Jerusalem. We will burn the tallow of the sacrifices there, and everyone will be able to catch the scent.

Rabbi Hollander: God willing that will be in Pesach. That we will be doing in five weeks or next year. That is when we have the big day, like the one Muslims have. These days of slaughtering on the Temple Mount. They have a big holiday at the end of the Ramadan, I think. Our celebration would be when we are worthy of it. Our salvation would be on the first day of Pesach.

Adnan Oktar: We will cook the meat at the Prayer House of Solomon. That is the important thing for me.

Rabbi Hollander: Insha’Allah, soon.

Adnan Oktar: We can cook meat everywhere; but it is important to roast it there. The Torah says that its smell will even reach Jericho.

Rabbi Hollander: True, soon.

Assaf Gibor: I want to say that it is a great thing to see a different Islamic point of view that thinks differently from the misinterpreted Islam, the terrorism that we are seeing daily. And we hope to see that direction will go on and develop into something big and enormous. So that this can show that Islam, the real Islam, has this good connection between Muslims and Jews. 

Adnan Oktar: For instance, many Muslims do not know that Solomon (pbuh) is a Muslim [a Prophet of Islam]. And they are not aware of the glory of his palace. Indeed, the Qur’an regards it as an exemplary one and says that people should in fact rebuild it. They do not know that. This incredible ignorance will be corrected this century.

Rabbi Hollander: It is not very surprising that this is mentioned because when Solomon dedicated the Temple -in the first Book of Kings in Chapter 8- it is a long prayer for the nations, a long prayer. You can read it. I don’t know it by heart but it is very beautiful. So it is not surprising that [this was revealed] to the heart of Prophet Mohammad and that it is present in the Qur'an.

Adnan Oktar: They, Muslims do not know that Israel (pbuh) is our Prophet, Moses (pbuh) is our Prophet, and that the Prophets Abraham (pbuh) and David (pbuh) are also our Prophets. They are not aware that Solomon (pbuh) is also our Prophet, and this ignorance is a trouble for them. They even rage against Israel and shout out loud, “God damn Israel.” However, Israel (pbuh) is the name of a Prophet from us.

I criticized this situation, and then people stopped shouting out like that. They do not say “God damn Israel” any more. Israel is the name of the Prophet Jacob (pbuh) in the Qur’an. He is one of our Prophets. For instance, they consider it to be a terrible thing that I am from the progeny of Israel. However, it is a great honour and blessing for me. There are hundreds of critiques about that.

Rabbi Hollander: A lot of truths suffer from lots of criticisms from people who are afraid of the truth.

Adnan Oktar: This would encourage me more and lift my spirit.

Rabbi Hollander: People who are afraid of the truths should think: "Should we not be more afraid of the lies?".

Adnan Oktar: Well, it is an indiciation of the extent of the ignorance. It is grave foolishness to consider being a descendant of Israel to be a terrible thing. 

Rabbi Hollander: So we have a job.

Adnan Oktar: There are certain discussions in Israel on the issue of the Holocaust now and again as they are jealous of your affection for us, and our affection for you. There is no need to ask me, because certainly every reasonable person is against the Holocaust. Asking whether one supports the Holocaust or not, is an insult for a person. Every reasonable person surely opposes such persecution. The violence of the Nazis curdles everyone’s blood, which is out of the question. Just as Hulagu massacred Muslims, which is an atrocious brutality, the same way what Hitler did was an evil massacre as well. It is very unfounded to discuss whether it was an atrocious barbarity or not.

Assaf Gibor: My wife's grandmother, she is now 93 years old and she was born in Czechoslovakia. And she was 16 when the Holocaust took place in Czechoslovakia, the Slovak and the Czech Jews together. She ran away from the Nazis and finally they caught her, put her on the train to Auschwitz. And she, as a 16 year old, jumped off from the train and saved herself and his father and three sisters and so survived the Holocaust.

Adnan Oktar: Masha’Allah. Anyone watching those vidoes would be left speechless and suffer a lot seeing those scenes.

Rabbi Hollander: My wife was born in Częstochowa and as an infant whose parents were taken to a ghetto in Warsaw, she was smuggled out of the ghetto by her cousin, and she and her cousin survived. And her parents had 200 cousins. Not one survived.

Adnan Oktar: People used to tell about the Jews during our childhood. They told that the Jewish people slaughtered children and made bread out of their blood, that they enslaved the entire world and would destroy them all. They made us believe that the Jews were very scary creatures. Only later on, I saw the truth. And I stood up for protecting the Jews by all means. We used to be scared of the Jews. We believed that they ate bread with the blood of children. There are two types of horrendous propoganda. One makes the Jews look like horrible people, and the other claims to destroy them all, naming Jews to be apes. According to this, Jews should be slaughtered and even the trees will inform people of their presence. Both of these are fabrications. But one recognizes the truth only with proper research. However, an ignorant person would not come to realize the truth about such fictitious stories.

For instance, it was very common among people at that time that there was actually no Holocaust and the Jews had fabricated that lie. One of my friends, Nuri Ozbudak, then published a book titled “The Holocaust Lie.” At that time, many people believed in this, and even Iranian people believe it today. That was also the case in the majority of Islamic countries.

After I published the book titled, “The Holocaust Violence”, it was made evident that this was an atrocity that had indeed taken place and it was not a fabrication. People did not know that before the publication of my book. I destroyed such claims [of Holocaust denial] with counter evidence but it was not easy for us to access this information. Getting to know the Jewish people is not an easy task. The ones who come to know them will love the Jews. However, the ones under the influence of such propaganda detest them incredibly.

I am protecting the Jews, but in return, thousands and millions of people oppose me. I was threatened with death hundreds of times. It is the same right now, and continuing. It is not easy to overcome this situation, but we resolved it very effectively. Particularly my book: “The Holocaust Violence” and the documentaries broadcast on A9 TV regarding the Holocaust, allowed for the establishment of a very positive perspective in people of Turkey.

I am the only one in the Islamic world who has done that; there is no other person. There is nobody other than me who rationally stands up for the Jews based on their true characteristics. As you know, it is not only about the Holocaust of the Nazis; they also believe that Turkish people are despicable too. They think that the gypsies are an inferior race and these people should be destroyed.

There was also another genocide in Gallipoli, Turkey as well. A total of 200,000 people were slaughtered in a short time just because they were Turkish. They believe that these people are a species between apes and human beings. 

Rabbi Hollander: Don’t they know that the Torah was given to the Jewish people? Did God give the Torah to apes? This is ridiculous, how can one believe in such nonsense. 

Adnan Oktar: I am putting away with them.

Assaf Gibor: My grandmother, my wife's grandmother, always says when she speaks about the Holocaust that it is a great victory that she came to Israel. Living in Israel, she bore children and had grandchildren and so and so. Now, Israel is hard and strong. And her children attended the army and grandchildren are officers in the army. This is a big victory for her. Do you think Israel is supposed to be strong because of that Holocaust?

Adnan Oktar: The Qur’an says that Israel will be strong. They will reign the Promised Land. However, it will only happen by means of Moshiach and on the condition that they are devout believers. The believers will prevail the region and this is also stated in the hadiths of our Prophet (pbuh). Our Prophet (pbuh) says clearly that Mahdi is from the descendants of Jacob (pbuh), the Children of Israel. Regarding Mahdi, our Prophet (pbuh) says that his appearance resembles the Israelites in the hadiths.

Rabbi Hollander: You see, here I am.

Adnan Oktar: And, here I am, too. We are together.

Assaf Gibor: Thank you very much for your hospitality. I am sorry for the bomb explosion.

Adnan Oktar: I have recently explained that these incidents would take place in 2016 and even escalate as indicated in the hadiths. That attack took place the next day I mentioned this. But, these things cannot harm Turkey, but will only lead to a spiritual awakening.

Assaf Gibor: I am dealing with the nonsense of the news, and he is making huge steps. I am doing the ordinary news and he is doing the major steps.

Adnan Oktar: Masha’Allah. It is written on all over your face that you are truehearted and have clean conscience. That kippah is enough on its own for us to have love for you. I love the devout Jews very much. Everyone knows that. When I see them, I feel peace in my heart. I become overjoyed when I meet the Rabbis.

Assaf Gibor: I must say that even though I don't agree with all the sentences that he said, I must agree that I am hearing it, and I understand that these are his thoughts and I have my thoughts. There is a different point of view, but I am hearing it.

Adnan Oktar: You will see that my accounts prove to be true. If you wish, you can write them down. 

Assaf Gibor: Okay, I shall record it.

Adnan Oktar: There has been no account of mine that did not take place. You can check the video recordings. Every one of them occurred, since my statements are based on the hadiths, the Torah and the Qur’an.

Assaf Gibor: Okay. I hope that all the religions can live together with hope and without violence. I remember when I was 3 years old, I was living in the settlement and I was helping the Muslims, the Palestinian Muslims to pick up olives together. Yes pick up olives from the tree. And I think that the more common things we are doing, this is the best.

Adnan Oktar: Sure, your frequent visit to Turkey leaves a very positive impression on our people and the government as well.

Assaf Gibor: Thank you.

Adnan Oktar: I thank you so much, and we have a profound love for you. Please send our kindest regards to all our friends in Israel. Those who are jealous of our affection are making vain attempts. In that way, they will only strengthen our bond and make me known better. 

Rabbi Hollander: Who is jealous of our love should join us.

Adnan Oktar: Yes, masha’Alla


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