Let's raise a world-wide public awareness about the legitimacy and necessity of Afrin operation

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated February 22st, 2018

GULEN BATURALP: Mr. Erdoğan; "As of this morning, our soldiers have neutralized 1829 terrorists so far in the Battle of Afrin. This is surely a result of our belief, our faith. Faith is a diamond from a God so great. A rusty heart without faith sits heavily on the chest.”

ADNAN OKTAR: Mr. Erdoğan is an honest and sincere man full of enthusiasm. Therefore, it is very important that all our Muslim brothers and sisters give him full, unwavering support in all matters. Let's inform foreign television channels, media outlets and politicians about Afrin Operation. Let's prepare a report based on evidential facts explaining why the operation is necessary, who the PKK is and how the PYD is its affiliate, how these terrorist organizations have beset and seek to infiltrate Turkey with an aim to separate it. We should have it in both English and French.Let's launch a comprehensive information campaign in English all across Europe and inform foreign diplomats, embassies, ministries -particularly the ministries of foreign affairs-, parliament members, anyone we can reach about why Afrin operation is necessary along with all its reasons, how the operation is conducted in good faith and aims to liberate civilians rather than targeting them, and also about the misleading propaganda efforts against Turkey. We should prepare as a report and send it to all related parties. Because the Turkish government does not have a team working on this issue. So the duty falls on us, as an immense misleading propaganda effort is carried out abroad. So we have to fulfill our duty with haste. We need to immediately have the report translated and prepared. We should focus on this nonstop until the issue is settled. Afrin is a key issue. It is vital to illuminate Europe, the USA and Asian countries that the Turkish government is following an accurate policy in Afrin.  Let's launch an extensive effort as the government has limited capacity in this regard. It seems that there is no personnel to deal with this issue. So, the duty falls on us. It is our responsibility so we will concentrate our efforts on this matter.


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