Kenneth Keathley: Science Helps Us Understand God’s Creation

We consider you to be a noteworthy opinion leader, in addition to your being a theology professor. In that regard, could you give your opinion on the relationship between God’s Creation and science? 

Historians of science agree that science as a discipline was birth during the 17th and 18th centuries. And they also agree that biblical doctrine of creation played a crucial role in the development of science as a discipline. The doctrine of creation   teaches that a wise and good God created the heavens and the earth. Therefore, creation exhibits the nature and qualities of God. In that nature is rational and it is capable of being understood, and that nature is also good and it’s worthy of exploration. These principles provided the foundation for the scientific enterprise. And the original scientists, men such as Robert Boyle and Sir Isaac Newton, all of these men were believers in God and expected that by doing science and studying nature in a scientific way that they were thinking God’s thoughts after Him.