Kenneth Keathley: God Created Life With Direct Divine Action

There are some Muslims who think that God created living beings through evolution. When we encounter these persons, we explain to them that there are no verses in the Qur’an or the scripture that indicate creation through evolution. And also we show them that all the scientific evidence proves there is no evolution in creation. How do you explain the same topic to Christians who think similarly? 

I have a number of friends who call themselves either theistic evolutionists or they call themselves evolutionary creationists and by that they mean that they believe that God has created but He used evolution as the means of creation. Many times whenever I talk to them I realize that they are well meaning, they are well intentioned and they are wanting to seek out the truth so I make no accusations against what is going on in their heart. However, I would point out that scripture itself would be very difficult to reconcile with an evolutionary creationist paradigm or worldview. The bible tells us that Adam and Eve were real people created by God and that God created Adam out of the dust of the ground and that He created Eve out of the rib of Adam. That seems to me to be very difficult to reconcile with evolutionary creationism. So if scientifically speaking, evolutionary theory is not necessary and there are many times that we see that there are evidences in nature of discontinuities in the tree of life, and there seem to be plenty of evidences of times in which there is direct divine action in which the best explanation is the activity of God to explain how it is that these life forms suddenly appeared in the geological column. I think that the best thing to say is that God has involved Him self in the world over the ions of time, and at these times God has acted miraculously and supernaturally and this is the best way to understand the creation of Adam and Eve. And so I say to my friends who are evolutionary creationists: “take a look at the facts, take a look at the evidence again, also see what scripture say and please as a believer make sure you do not put one in conflict with the other.”  Because we believe that God Who has revealed Him self in scripture is also the God Who has acted in nature, and these two are never in conflict.



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