It is very important to reintroduce Atatürk to young people and make them love him

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated February 8nd, 2018

ADNAN OKTAR: Show the picture of the late Atatürk.


ADNAN OKTAR: They cannot come even close to the handsomeness of this blessed man. Look at how elegant, cheerful and classy he is. Let's also include the speeches of this great man, the late Atatürk. Let them see the epitome of handsomeness and bravery. Look at how noble, how classy he is. Everything about him is elegant and classy. This is the ideal statesman persona. A statesman should be as stylish, classy, graceful and exquisite as Atatürk is. His shoes are really stylish. Atatürk is underappreciated. A comprehensive program should be prepared to reintroduce Atatürk. It would be better if TRT took initiative in this regard. The Presidency of Religious Affairs should have sermons in the mosques and have preachers give speeches, and TRT should broadcast non-stop for promoting Atatürk. The younger generations should learn to understand and appreciate him.

ASLI HANTAL: We have the footage of Atatürk conversing with the Shah of Iran.

ADNAN OKTAR: Look at how elegant he is. He is the perfect ballroom gentleman with his British manners, Ottoman court etiquette and nobility. Look at how elegant he is, all of his clothes are stylish. He keeps his stylish look any time of the day. He is very polite and eloquent. He is the perfect statesman.

GULEN BATURALP: We have the footage of him conversing with Halide Edip Adıvar [a Turkish novelist, nationalist, and political leader for women's rights] dated 1923.

ADNAN OKTAR: The footage is silent.

GULEN BATURALP: It does not have sound.

ADNAN OKTAR: He truly deserves the name "Blonde Zeibek" people gave him. He is a typical Oghuz Turk with his blonde hair and blue eyes. He also had the classic Oghuz Turk physique. He is an incredibly intelligent and sagacious person. He achieved incredible deeds. He is a blessing from God.

ASLI HANTAL: In this photograph, we see Atatürk sharing a table with 32 Kings and 62 Presidents. Atatürk still distinguishes himself from the crowd with his looks and attitude.

ADNAN OKTAR: Masha'Allah. Look at how noble and handsome he is. Look at how tastefully the table is set. Look at the sense of quality. It is crucial to re-introduce to and popularize this sense of quality among the youth. A solid and profound step should be taken towards this end. This sense of quality needs to be re-established in Turkey. A determined and profound effort is a must. Atatürk should meticulously be kept topical; something is not being done right in this sense. Atatürk has not been promoted properly. If Atatürk's classiness was properly conveyed to and widely adopted among the Turkish youth, we would become the greatest country in Europe. Let me see his elegance once more.


ADNAN OKTAR: Look at how handsome and classy he is. Is there any other example of such a handsome, elegant man in the world? Considering the circumstances of the time, he is truly magnificent. Zoom in on the Ghazi [Veteran]. Imagine how it would be if his classiness and elegance became widespread in Turkey. I cannot imagine how beautiful a country Turkey would become. Look at him. Look at his classiness; this is an image from his daily life. Do you see how modest he is as he refuses to have his hand kissed? He is classy through and through. Look at how classy women are. Do you see their elegance, the elegance of the time? He does not run away from women like the traditionalists. He loves to socialize with and deeply respects women. Do you see how fancy and pretty the women are? Look at the way he dances and how cheerful he is. He dances with women, and sometimes he dances alone; there is music and entertainment.

ASLI HANTAL: He also loves children.

ADNAN OKTAR: Let's keep Atatürk constantly on the agenda from now on and establish him in people's minds as the ideal Turkish person. Atatürk was offered the Medal of Garter, a highly distinguished British decoration. But Mustafa Kemal Pasha did not accept it as he did not want to wear any medals other than the War of Independence Medal. He outright refused their offer. The late Atatürk would strongly denounce the British deep state. He became the target of numerous suicide attempts. Atatürk was truly courageous.

GÖRKEM ERDOĞAN: There are two other photographs of Atatürk next to women.

ADNAN OKTAR: He always maintained good and close relations with women. Notice the revealing clothes the women wear. This is how a proper leader should be. This is how a courageous leader should be. Tayyip Erdoğan is a modern leader as well. He appears on the same photographs with both women who wear revealing clothes and those who wear headscarves, and with children. He dresses stylishly.

ASLI HANTAL: Mr. Oktar, Keriman Halis being crowned Miss Universe in Belgium generated tremendous excitement in Turkey. Ms. Halis received a staggering number of 30,000 telegrams within 3 days. In 1932, Atatürk made a statement on this issue. Atatürk said the following; "Since I already know the fact that the Turkish race is the most beautiful race in the world, I have found it quite natural that a Turkish girl was crowned Miss Universe." After returning to Turkey, Keriman Halis was summoned to Ankara by Atatürk and granted the surname "Ece" meaning "Queen".

ADNAN OKTAR: He supported revealing clothes, He supported women and encouraged them to be well-kept. He himself was a classy person. It is vital that Atatürk is held up as an exemplary person. We should largely focus our agenda on Atatürk. We should raise devotion among the Turkish youth to Atatürk and do everything within our power to help raise young generations who dearly love and model themselves after Atatürk.


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