Hypocrites ceaselessly strive towards the separation of Muslims

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated February 16th, 2018

ADNAN OKTAR: Hypocrites pursue certain goals: First; they wish the separation of any and all Muslim groups around them. Since they are well aware of their dishonorable, despicable, irreligious, treacherous, traitorous personalities, they want believers to separate so that everyone stoops to their level. If they do not see others on their level, they immensely suffer every day out of their pride and egotism. It stresses them out so much that they cannot even get proper sleep. This is why they seek the urgent separation of Muslims and ruthlessly attack them. These attacks include talking behind Muslims backs, casting aspersions at them, and do all sorts of desperate, vile deeds. They get in touch with the deep state and other hypocrites in order to achieve their ends as soon as possible. This is the greatest source of their discomfort. Secondly, they compare successful, healthy, youthful and energetic believers to themselves, which pains them immensely. Muslims' wealth and their preaching and telling others about God also pain them greatly. Therefore, Muslims enjoying prosperity and well-being in all aspects of life torments hypocrites. The stress caused by knowing this fact results in an utterly uncomfortable, miserable and a short life for hypocrites. In the 4th verse of Surat al-Munafiqun, Almighty God says, ""When you see them, their outward form appeals to you and if they speak you listen to what they say." In other words, when they engage in demagogy. "But they are like propped-up planks of wood." In other words, they are hollow inside. Since they lack souls, they are merely planks of wood made of flesh. “They imagine every cry," every conversation, "to be against them." So they always feel on the edge. "They are the enemy, so beware of them. God fight them! How they are perverted!" [Surat al-Munafiqun, 4] They always pervert the truth to find excuses for their actions. When we say, "God fight them", it means Almighty God will condemn them to a life of misery both in this world and the hereafter.

When hypocrites depart, they leave the Muslim world to fend off for itself. This means that the blood of all the martyred children, millions of Muslim people are on them because by selfishly and traitorously leaving the Muslims, they turn a blind eye to the oppression and massacres on all those Muslims. Secondly, by doing so, they not only abandon Muslims, but abandon God and His religion. They abandon Islam's command of unity. They abandon so many things. So, as hypocrites initially introduce themselves as Muslims and have an excessively egocentric and prideful personality, they try to find a solution for their predicament. They seek a way to balance things out. The quickest and most definitive solution is the separation of Muslims. When Muslims split apart, they will be one of the pieces that split. Thus, their crimes and all the evidence disappear. This is the only way to clear all the evidence of their crimes. So, they ceaselessly strive in even the harshest conditions towards the separation of Muslims. But this effort on hypocrites' part has a contrary effect on Muslims; if anything, their numbers, power, prosperity and well-being grow further. Seeing this horrifies hypocrites even more. This is why the lives of hypocrites are total nightmare. I am sure there are people who witness the struggle of hypocrites and see who they collaborate with. Their struggle is full of foul deeds and villainy. But as they keep struggling, Muslims continue to calmly grow. In other words, as Muslims sprout and branch out like a plant, hypocrites wither away on dry soil. Their withering away further strengthens believers and help them branch out further. Hypocrites have many methods of elusion. For example, while speaking ill of Muslims, they seek to present themselves as honest people. They make accusations against Muslims in order to justify themselves. When they are questioned about their departure, they make up various excuses about why they left for certain religious and otherworldly reasons, for the sake of Islam and the Qur'an, when in fact they leave out of their downright traitorous, egoistical, selfish and dishonorable personalities. But since they do not want to come off as such, they try to find an honorable excuse for their departure. This is why they feel the need to cast the blame on Muslims. For example, when the hypocrites of our Prophet's (saas) era left the Muslim community, they blamed it on our Prophet (saas), asserting that he was too fond of women, that he had multiple wives, that he did not care about Muslims, that he always sent Muslims to war and because of this, too many Muslims were martyred, that he forced Muslims to stand guard for days and nights without letting them rest or sleep, and many similar foolish and groundless claims [we hold our Prophet (saas) above these accusations].

AYŞE KOÇ: They also accused him of being unfair in the distribution of the booty.

ADNAN OKTAR: Yes, they would complain that instead of giving them a share of the booty, the Prophet (saas) distributed it among others. Hypocrites express their hatred and grudge through such claims. But even doing so does not give them relief; their true relief lies in the separation of Muslims. This is why the hypocrites of the time did everything they could to separate our Prophet's (saas) community. They also thought that martyring the Prophet (saas) would be the final act that would cement their separation.  This is why they invited our Prophet (saas) to the Dirar Mosque; to martyr him inside the mosque. But Gabriel (pbuh) appeared to our Prophet (saas) and revealed to him all of their plans and how they amassed weapons inside the mosque, and he told our Prophet (saas) to burn the building down. The mosque was burned down at night, and when the morning came, what was left of the building was nothing but ashes. It kept burning fiercely until morning. It was an enormous social complex, an immense system. There are two types of social complexes; one dedicated to evil, and one dedicated to God. The Dirar Mosque was dedicated to evil, while the social complex of our Prophet (saas) was dedicated to God.

Another goal of hypocrites is, according to their own mindset, to bring about Muslims economic downfall, which also has a reverse effect on Muslims, resulting in Muslims becoming even more wealthy In the 7th verse of the Surat al-Munafiqun, Almighty God says; "They are the people who say: "Do not spend on those who are with the Messenger of God" so that they may go away. The treasuries of the heavens and earth belong to God. But hypocrites cannot comprehend this fact." It also immensely pains hypocrites to give away money, to transfer money to Muslim, or to play a part in Muslims' economic growth. So, they look for excuses. Hypocrites of the time would look for arbitrary flaws in our Prophet (saas) while claiming to be honest. For example, they would accuse our Prophet (saas) of being too fond of women while claiming that they were not, and would not allow any women inside the Dirar Mosque. But they all indulged in homosexuality and many other vile deeds.

Hypocrites are like detergent in that they wash away any stain on Muslims. For example, hypocrites join in a Muslim community with some vile people in it, put detergent in and wash the filth away from Muslims, thus making them clean and pure. From time to time, the Muslim community needs to be cleaned off the filth within. Hypocrites can also be likened to soap in that they come and clean all the dirt away, thus helping believers get rid of the filth, which would keep staining the Muslim community otherwise. Hypocrites act as detergent in this sense. 



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