Hypocrites are satan incarnate; struggling against them is the religious duty of all Muslims

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated December 4th, 2017

ADNAN OKTAR: Hypocrites are in fact satan, and satan is in fact hypocrite. They are both the same. And sometimes satan dons a human disguise and gets into believer community. And it takes time before believers realize him. Satan basically lives among them and participate in all their activities, while believers remain oblivious to the fact that they are accompanied by satan. Then satan comes out of his disguise, revealing his true identity. He introduces his true self, that is, satan. This is quite vital in terms of trial. Once satan is caught, he should never be let go. Since he has manifested himself in human form, that is, a physical manifestation, he cannot disguise himself anymore. It means that you have him right in front of you, out in the open. From that moment forward, one needs to re-enforce their form of worship in line with the Qur'an. One should not avoid satan and let him go behind a faulty reasoning of "Let the sleeping dog lies", or "dogs bark but the caravan goes on." Doing so is contrary to the principle of worship. If God has dropped satan on your lap, it means that the time has come for fulfilling your religious duty. That duty should be carried out in the most perfect manner. And the way to carry it out is through the Qur'an, through law, wisdom and knowledge. Satan is indeed a shrew, aggressive, vicious creature. But this vicious, aggressive, ferocious nature of satan makes it easier for believers to identify his true nature and keep him under control. His aggressive nature is an indication, an undeniable sign of the fact that he is satan and the revelations he receives should be followed closely. However, only the wisest among hypocrites can interpret these revelations. Satan ceaselessly sends revelations to hypocrites, and if the hypocrites also write about their anger then that is even more important. Every sentence of that writing is vital; because that shows at what points that grudge and hatred in satan against believers is, and whom satan targets. Satan usually targets the prophets or the leaders of the believers. This is the most pivotal issue as can be clearly seen from the verse of the Qur'an. Our Prophet (saas) was the foremost target of hypocrites, followed by his companions, Hazrat Ali (ra), Hazrat Osman (ra), Hazrat Omar (ra), all of whom were martyred. But hypocrites could not succeed in any of their schemes during the era of the Messenger of God (saas). Because the Messenger of God (saas) essentially enthralled the hypocrites through the Qur'an and made use of them. He made use of 300 hypocrites and they worked day and night in the service of our Prophet (saas). They brought our Prophet (saas) countless things including concubines, money, goods, croplands, livestock, hundreds of caravans of camels; they kept our Prophet's house and its surrounding areas clean. Our Prophet (saas) had them keep the stables clean and clean up after camels. It was hypocrites’ duty to keep all the stables, horses, mules, camels clean. In fact, this is what pained hypocrites the most. They would say; "The Prophet is leading a heavenly life with his wives while we are cleaning up stables after mules and horses." Our Prophet (saas) would of course treat them with utmost politeness. It continued this way until the day hypocrites ran out of patience. After then, they started to viciously attack the companions, complaining and accusing them about their wives, about the way they lived, and at many points fromtheir clothes to their eating habits. From that point forward, the Prophet (saas) parted ways with the hypocrites and led a more peaceful and comfortable life by following a more studious policy against hypocrites. However, now that they were no longer the focus of attention, or more importantly, now that satan was no longer the focus of attention, he was let loose and since he was no longer kept under check, the hypocrites went on a rampage. They martyred Hazrat Osman (ra), they martyred Hazrat Ali (ra), and Hazrat Omar (ra). While they were readily under control, it would be better to keep them that way and use them. But they did a mistake; dear, precious Hazrat Osman (ra) made a grave mistake. Hypocrites laid in ambush on the roof his house, yet he said, "I do not wish any harm to come to Muslims." However, they were not Muslims; they were satan in human forms. They were not Muslims at all. They told Hazrat Osman (ra), "Either step down from your position as the Caliph, or we will kill you." What they did was to cause dissension. Dissension is worse than killing. The sentence of doing so is quite severe in Islam. After that, it became much worse. Hazrat Osman (ra) did not intervene with the hypocrites in any way. What course should Muslims follow when they have capture satan? They should confront him through law, legislation, and wisdom. Hazrat Ali (ra) did the same mistake and left hypocrites to their own devices. He served his prayers. Meanwhile, hypocrites reigned free, doing whatever they wished. Hazrat Osman did not intervene, Hazrat Osman and Hazrat Omar also did not intervene. And since they did not intervene the hypocrites, they attacked and it became dangerous. In the end they martyred Ahl al-Bayt.

The hypocrites are furious about Mahdi, they are against the saying that “Hazrat Mahdi will appear.” And also this applies today as well. The hypocrites of our times also are strongly against Hazrat Mahdi. However they will not succeed in the end.

Our Prophet (saas) decreed; "O Abu Dhar, seek refuge in God from the malice of human satans. Abu Dhar replies, "O the Messenger of God, are there satans among humans as well?" He had a different view on hypocrites. However, hypocrites are satan himself. The Messenger of God answered, "Yes, there are." This is written in Nesaî, İstiaze 48; Musnad, 5/178.

The hypocrites are actually satan in the form of human beings. Therefore it is strictly unlawful to leave them back once you you get hold of them. The hypocrites should be dealt with the wisdom, knowledge, and the Quran, and laws until they are totally defeated. Otherwise, it will be like the times of Hazrat Osman, or Hazrat Omar. So this is very important.

The Messenger of God (pbuh) used hypocrites with caution. They were responsible from the cleaning of stables.

Hazrat Osman (ra) did not allow conflict in order to avoid any bloodshed among Muslims. This lead hypocrites become vicious and decided to martyr Hazrat Osman (ra). They would not pay heed to any advice; they were blinded by rage. This is one of the signs of hypocrites' madness. Hazrat Ali told the rebels, the hypocrites; "Do not unsheathe your swords; once unsheathed, you can never sheathe them back. Remember that Medina is protected by angels. If you martyr him," that is, Hazrat Osman (ra), "angels will abandon Medina." Martyring a caliph is like martyring 30,000 people." Thus, Hazrat Ali (ra) warned hypocrites but his warnings fall on deaf ears and hypocrites martyred dear Hazrat Osman (ra). As I always say, the approach that "hypocrites are nothing but a bunch of rascals, so long as a dog do not howl, it is better to walk around it," or " that "let sleeping dogs lie" is an erroneous notion. Seizing a hypocrite means seizing satan, so one do not let them go until they are utterly defeated. Ten, twenty or thirty years; no matter how long it takes to defeat hypocrites, it is a religious obligation to not give up until they are defeated. God gives you satan but you let him escape. God has put him in your hands. He puts satan in your hands so that you put an end to his activities, not that you let him escape. When that is the case, it encourages hypocrites to come out of their disguise and show their true colors. It is a mistake to let satan escape. This is what happens when satan is let go. Hazrat Ali (ra), Hazrat Osman (ra), Hazrat Omar (ra) and the rest of the Ahl al-Bayt were martyred by hypocrites. Therefore, once satan is caught, it is a religious duty of all believers to struggle against him until he is utterly defeated through science, knowledge, law and legislation. There is no other option.

The hypocrites of our Prophet's (saas) era were exceedingly dangerous, yet Muslims were oblivious to this fact. The Sunni Muslims did not address the hypocrite issue at all. On the other hand, the Shi'a specifically addresses the issue; they shed tears of sorrow every year in remembrance of that tragic incident.

Hazrat Ali (ra) called on the Muslims to fight against the hypocrites. But he had a nightmarish time trying to assemble them as they were hard to please. Hazrat Ali (ra) told the crowd; "Shame on you all. Shame on you for your heart-wrenching, astonishing attitude. Despite being on the wrong path, they are firmly united among each other," referring to hypocrites. The hypocrites were firmly united among each other against Muslims and Hazrat Ali  (ra). "Despite being on the wrong path, hypocrites are firmly united among each other, whereas you," Muslims, "are disorganized and dispirited, despite the fact that yours is the righteous cause." He expressed his astonishment for this situation of the Muslim community and continued, "When I ask you to attack hypocrites, you say 'the season of extreme cold and black frost has yet to pass.' When I ask you to 'attack hypocrites' during the hot season, you say, "let us take a break until this scorching hot season has passed." You, who are man but only in appearance. You, phantom entities who stand around like scarecrows. You who are no wiser than those who wear ornaments on their feet..." He was now fuming with anger. There were those among men who would wear ornaments on their feet. Hazrat Ali (ra) realized that they, too, defected to the hypocrites' side. Hypocrites grew into an even greater entity. "You filled my heart with sorrow and anger," said Hazrat Ali (ra), and as you all know, he was later martyred. What I mean to say here is that when God hands satan to Muslims, he should not be let go before he has been utterly defeated through science, knowledge, law and legislation. Doing otherwise is unlawful in the eyes of God, and God shows believers how it leads to sedition and trouble. If the Muslims take due actions against hypocrites, this way believers earn merit and this brings them prosperity, while filling their hearts with relief and comfort as God says in the verse of the Qur'an, "a relief and comfort for your hearts," and avenging the martyrdom of Ahl al-Bayt, and satan's rebellion against God. As you know, satan rebelled against God. God does avenge upon satan for his rebellious behavior in the Day of Judgment, but there is also a revenge to take on satan in this world. Humiliating satan is crucial. What does hypocrites say, "We do not want the Islamic Unity," "We do not want Mahdi." They bear enmity against Ahl al-Bayt. They say, "We do not want Jesus Messiah. We want homosexuality to be freely exercised. We want Darwinism to be prevalent. Do not elect a leader to guide the believers, and let us be against women." This is hypocrites' way of thinking. They say, "We do not want believers to stand united in solidarity." What do they want? "We want to see them separated. We do not want them to unite under a single leader either," they say. By saying so, they show us their true selves and revealing the fact that they are satan down to the smallest codes. Because we ask them the code word and they reply 'satan'. Then we ask them to expand on the code word, and the recounting of their deeds reveals to us that they are truly satan. "What is it that you want?" we ask them and they reply, "We want God's damnation." This is the damnation that God will plague them with. At that point, wisdom, knowledge, law and legislation come into play. Neglecting them would be unlawful. Believers are obliged to struggle against satan until he resigns to his utter defeat; doing otherwise is unlawful. Annihilation of satan is a religious duty. And if he has taken human form, then there is no excuse for not eliminating him. He has nowhere to run or hide, as he now has a physical, tangible form. Therefore, it is a religious duty for all believers to vanquish satan and make him pay for rebelling against God, and bearing enmity against Ahl al-Bayt, the Messenger of God (pbuh) and the rest of the Prophets. In fact, satan is created by God as already defeated. It is not the first time he suffers defeat as he is, by creation, defeated. God makes it appear to believers as if they need to make effort towards defeating satan whereas he has already been created as the defeated side. This is mentioned in the Torah as well; "God will hand them to you and you will lay waste to them." Because it is God who defeats them. By means of what? By means of wisdom, knowledge, law and legislation. Hypocrites should be relentlessly pursued even if they flee to where they put on their make-ups, and rendered harmless to God and His religion. By means of what? As we always say, through law, legislation, science and knowledge. This is the duty of all believers.

Take the actions of the hypocrite Ibn Muljam for example; this hypocrite Ibn Muljam, as treacherous as his name implies, followed Hazrat Ali (ra) when he left his house for the Morning Prayer. He treacherously leaped -treachery is the hallmark of hypocrites- from where he had been hiding and struck Hazrat Ali (ra) with his poison-coated blade on the front side of his face, on his forehead, inflicting a deep wound. He used a poison-coated blade. Our Prophet (saas) had foretold Hazrat Ali (ra) long before the incident that "his blood would run along his face down to his beard." Probably they considered it as a regular injury. "I saw blood running along his face down to his beard," said our Prophet (pbuh). The event took place the way as our Prophet (pbuh) foretold and Hazrat Ali (ra) was struck on his face, causing blood to run down his beard. His sacred beard was soaked in the blood running down his forehead just as our Prophet (pbuh) foretold.

And the treacherous Ibn Muljam said; "Command is God's alone O Ali, not yours or your friend's." A curious thing to say as Hazrat Ali (ra) also preaches "abiding by the Qur'an." Do you see how treacherous he is? He speaks as if Hazrat Ali (ra) claimed that command is his. Is Hazrat Ali (ra) an Imam? He is. If he is the Imam, than you are obliged to follow his commands. But the hypocrite says, "Why should I follow your commands? I only follow God's commands." Did you not elect him as your imam? In the verse of the Qur'an, God says, "Obey those in command." So according to the Qur'an, believers must obey those in command. Do you see how hypocrites twist and distort the facts? He says, "Command is not yours or your friends' or the companions' to give." If God orders you to 'obey those in command,' believers adhere to His order. This is the commandment of God; but the hypocrite says, "We only obey God, not you." If you obey God, then you must also obey Hazrat Ali (ra) as he is the one in command.

How can one deal with the hypocrites' logic, how do you respond to that? They are utter fools indeed. Do you see the impertinent logic behind? Hazrat Ali (ra) asks the hypocrites to "follow his orders as he is the one in command", but the fool replies, "I do not follow your orders, I only follow God's orders." Hazrat Ali (ra) is the imam. He is the leader of Muslims.  So when God tells you to "obey those in command", you are to obey, are you not? It is your religious duty after all. Do you see how the hypocrites twist the facts? All hypocrites are such fools.

Ibn Muljam and the other hypocrites came together to commemorate their friends who had died in Nahrawan, and said, "If we manage to kill the leaders who has deviated from the Way of God even if it costs our lives..." They accuse Hazrat Ali (ra) of deviating from the Way of God. Look at how they slander the sacred, blessed, wonderful person whom our Prophet (saas) loved dearly, who would risk his life for the Prophet (saas), who accompanied him in his military campaigns. "If we manage to kill the leaders who deviated from the Way of God, our country will be saved from them." Go and take on the disbelievers, hypocrites and other traitors. Why would you take on the most sacred of all people, you traitors? "Thus, we will avenge the deaths of our brothers," that is, avenge the deaths of other hypocrites. Burning with a desire for revenge, they think they will avenge the deaths of other hypocrites, plotting the assassination of Hazrat Ali (ra).

"When Hazrat Osman (ra) was martyred, his house was overcrowded with people. Among them were also Abdullah ibn Omar and Hasan ibn Ali." As you see, Abdullah ibn Omar, Omar, the son of Abdullah and Hasan ibn Ali were also among the crowd. They could have intervened but they did not. "But Osman had decided against fighting them." This is a mistake; satan must be fought against. Why would you show mercy against the enemy of God? Satan does not deserve mercy.  If Hazrat Osman (ra) had instructed believers to deal with the hypocrites, none of these mischiefs would have taken place. Hazrat Osman (ra) strictly ordered against fighting among Muslims, but they were actually not Muslims, but satan himself. Can you not see that they are demons, hypocrites. They displayed all the classic signs of hypocrisy.  You can identify believers but how can you fail to recognize hypocrites? How can you call hypocrites as Muslims? In that case, they resorted to mischief; it did not take them long to commit murder. They raided his house, and struck him on the head with a blade, martyred him while reading the Qur'an. Is that the point where you realize they were hypocrites?  He did not speak against them until it was too late.

God defines the qualities of hypocrites, believers and disbelievers in the Qur'an. He talks about the sun and the moon, and we recognize them when we see them. God says, "You will recognize my signs on the horizon, in yourselves; you will see them around the world and recognize them." God creates hypocrites in a way that they can easily be identified.

Using the Qur'an for their own ends is another characteristic of hypocrites. Hypocrites celebrate the murderous, treacherous hypocrite Ibn Muljam as a hero. They write poems etc. to glorify his name. Hypocrites characteristically support and promote each other. Although they normally bicker and fight among each other, they act in concert when attacking Muslims. All of the hypocrites of the Prophet's (saas) era were homosexuals, including Ibn Muljam. "In fact, there are those among people who would sacrifice themselves and their possessions for the sake of earning God's approval." However, Haris was an ambitious villain who would commit such immoral deeds for financial gain.  There is no such thing as sacrificing himself; he just did not anticipate such reply. "God is ever-gentle with His slaves." He says that the said verse was sent down in reference to the hypocrite upon him murdering Hazrat Ali (ra). Do you see hypocrites' logic? The answer to this is obvious. "After Hazrat Ali (ra) had passed away, Ibn Muljam was brought before Hazrat Hasan (ra). Ibn Muljam said, 'I made a promise to my Lord and I wish to see my promise fulfilled. I promised to Almighty God that I would kill Ali and Muawiyah. Leave me alone with Muawiyah and I will kill him; if I fail doing so, I will come and swear my allegiance to you." Once again, the fool resorts to cunning and deceitful ways of hypocrites. He was actually an assassin operating under the orders of Muawiyah, and all of them were homosexuals. And they were as well misogynists. Hazrat Hasan (ra) told him that he will leave him alone not with Hazrat Muawiyah (ra) but the flames of hell, giving him the due response. Hazrat Hasan (ra) says, "I will not leave you alone with Hazrat Muawiyah (ra). You do not need to meet with him. I am thinking about leaving you alone with the flames of hell." That is it. Showing unnecessary mercy to the hypocrites had always been a grave mistake. Hypocrites despise Muslims, they do not want to see the Islamic Unity established, and they struggle against Islam. They do not follow the orders of those in command. They twist the verses of God. They distort all verses for their ends. For example, Almighty God says in a verse of the Qur'an; "Obey God's commands," but in another verse, He says, "Obey those in command." When someone in command asks them to obey, they reply by referring to the verse, "Why should I obey you? I only obey God." They purposefully discontinue reciting the following part of the verse. A rational solution should be sought against the insanity of hypocrites. What is that solution for our century? It is with knowledge, law and legislation.

There is not a slightest difference between the hypocrites of our century and the ones of that era. Both the hypocrites of then and the hypocrites of today twist verses to serve their own needs. However, there were an awful lot of hypocrites in that era, their numbers lying somewhere between 300 and 600, which made it very difficult to deal with them.



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