How will people rise from their graves in the Day of Judgment?

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated February 19th, 2018

VTR: How will people rise from their graves in the Day of Judgment?

ADNAN OKTAR: That is a common misconception. People think this way; a person buys a plot from a cemetery with a view of the Bosporus. The Day of Judgment arrives and the world stands still. Then the lids of coffins are opened and the whole family rise from the grave. This is what people think. When the Day of Judgment comes, the earth will be completely shattered. The magma under the Earth's crust will surface, completely engulfing it. The moon will be completely destroyed as well. And the magma under the surface of the moon, along with that of the earth’s, will merge with the sun, creating an elliptical tray-like formation. So, there will be no headstones, graves, family cemeteries or graveyards will remain. They will all be destroyed. What we call 'rising from the grave' is a metaphorical expression that implies all Muslims standing up from their lying positions in a collective resting place upon God's command. The Qur'an does not describe this resting place, whether it is a flat surface made of marble or wood, or a place that is fit for resting. But once God commands Muslims to rise, they obey. Perhaps, Muslims will unexpectedly find themselves resting in individual rooms. Or perhaps they will come out of houses. In other words, it will not be like what people think. There will be no such thing as coming out of the ground. People think that the dead will rise from under the ground. It will not be so as there will be no graves left to rise from. Besides, bodies will become unidentifiable after 5 or 10 thousand years. In fact, when graves are opened, the only thing found to remain is dirt and dust. Some say, "Tailbones will remain, from which the body will reform." Tailbone, too, will crumble away. No such thing will happen. Bones would become fossilized very rarely, even then, it will occur in the form of petrification, where bones turn into stones that are heavily comprised of iron. In short, people will rise up from their resting places. It might also be that people will rise up altogether in a place resembling a city. Muslims will not face any hardship on the Day of Judgment. "Every self will be on their vehicles, which emit light from the front left side, and will be accompanied by a driver and a witness (helper)," says God. It means that believers will be on some sort of vehicle. God did tell in much detail. Even if He did, a person could only imagine a car like a Mini Cooper, a driver wearing a helmet and a blinking headlight. Human imagination cannot go past this. So, it is clearly something beyond human comprehension, so we can only wait and see. In conclusion, there will be no such thing as coming out of the ground. There will only be rising from a resting place. This resting place could be a high chair, and believers might simply stand up from where they sit. Let me listen to our friend again.

VTR: How will people rise from their graves in the Day of Judgment?

Adnan Oktar: It would be in an honorable way to for believers. This will take place swiftly in the form of a series of events, contrary to the common misconception that the dead will lie waiting for centuries in their graves. This is not how it will happen. When one dies, the sense of time is gone. In other words, there is no difference between one second and several millennia. Time is relative, it is a matter of perception.


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