How is the life in the rank of martyrdom?

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated November 15th, 2016

ADNAN OKTAR: As the entire concept changes, martyrs cannot figure out what exactly happened. They cannot understand why people are still on earth, and why they do not join them in there. Similar to the state of dream, the logic is different. For instance when people wake up from a dream, there is a sense of astonishment and people have a hard time coming to their senses. For example, hoard is money; and when he pays money, he does not get anything in return, but only serve others. There is an immense logical distortion in dreams. For the martyrs, it is not a total logical breakdown, but of course the logic changes and becomes different; it is not the same as in the world. For example, we say that gravity exists and it pulls us like a magnet. We also say that the matter exists as it stands before our eyes, but the next thing you know, the matter is inside our minds. How can a person solve this mystery? Which one is true? I used to ask people, "Look, I am currently talking to you. How far do I stand from you?" I ask. "About one and a half meters," they answer. "You are incorrect," I tell them. "No, I swear, you are about one and a half meters away," they say. "Am I not inside your mind?" I ask. "Yes, you are." "So why did you say one and a half meters away?" I ask. "We are both at the same place, inside your mind, is it right?" I ask. "Yes, it is," they say. "Then I am not one and a half meters away from you? How far am I?" "So, you are inside me," they answer. Look, it is like a dream, do you see? There are countless logics, chose any one you want; but of course, the latter is the true one. It is the same with the martyrdom as the logic changes along with the laws of physics. Now, everyone believes in science. However, science is a knowledge that occurs in our brains, a knowledge granted by God. And God can grant us countless scientific methods if He wills so. For example, some might believe that we are stuck to the ground due to air pressure. One might find this idea reasonable, that the air puts pressure on objects and keep them on the ground. There can be various different logics same can about food as well. For example, some says that the earth is "flat." These people find the idea that the earth is "flat" logical, they say, "it is impossible for the earth to be elliptical."

Living beings need oxygen to survive. Couldn't we live on carbon dioxide? It would be quite reasonable. But we need oxygen. People cannot survive in an atmosphere consisting of only carbon dioxide, but it could very well be the opposite. Oxygen could have been deadly for us, even a small amount of oxygen could have killed us; but Almighty God created it as a blessing.


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