How can we tell if a person is insincere?

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated August 3rd, 2017

VTR: Greetings, Mr. Oktar. I am Burcu from Alanya. How should we behave towards insincere people?

ADNAN OKTAR: Burcu, you are truly beautiful. How beautifully God created you. Masha'Allah. Be very grateful for your beauty and may God grant you a long life. You are exceptionally beautiful. You should be very careful to such people. If they are not open, and keep it to themselves, you do the same towards them. I have recently talked about this. Some people say, "I do not like talking; I prefer listening." It is not a nice thing to say. Alright, let’s sit together in silence then. Do you think you are the shrewdest person on earth? Then, I can as well say I only like listening. What is it that makes you superior? How could you have such a view of people around you? In my opinion, this is a disrespectful and tactless behavior. People should be careful to such people and avoid them. There are also those who speak with a different voice tone, an excessively polite tone when they speak. Speaking too politely is not a normal behavior as well. One should be careful to such people as well, because it means that they are keeping to themselves. Being overly polite for no apparent reason is inexcusable. If they are sincere when they talk, then it is alright. If they speak with their own natural voices, facial expressions, tones and reasoning, then it’s good. If they say that they do not like something that they typically do, then this is an abnormality; or vice versa. If they think too long before answering a simply, ordinary question such as "What are you thinking about?" and avert their gaze... It is not like they are asked a physics problem, only a simple question about what they are thinking at that moment. One could very well say, "I do not want to talk about it." But if they avert their eyes and think for a long time, then it means they are plotting, devising a lie, which is an utterly insincere behavior. They may say "I do not want to talk about what is on my mind right now" or "Let me think for a minute and I will tell you" or "I have something on my mind but I am not sure it would be alright to say it. Let me think for a bit." Such answers would be alright. But if they avert their gaze and give ridiculous answers such as "I am thinking about why the smoke coming out of the funnel of a ship I saw earlier was drifting in the wrong direction", then this is nothing but impertinence. In other words, you can easily understand if a person is sincere from his such irrelevant and ridiculous answers. The eyes tell whether a person is sincere or insincere.  The eyes are the first place to look. If a person gazes vacantly, then he may prove risky.  This is also true if a person changes the tone of his voice when speaking. For example, if he starts talking in a high-pitched voice and particularly polite manner, then it means he is devising, laying the groundwork for a scheme. It means that sooner or later he will show his true face, personality. If a person often acts extra shy, this is also a deception. If he acts like he is extra shy even when he is not, if he puts on an act like a theater actor, then this, too, is some form of trickery. One should beware of such behavior.


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