His highness Sheikh Ahmad Yasin is talking about the pedigree of the staff he has presented to Mr. Adnan Oktar as a gift

REPORTER: If you would deem suitable, could we ask from your esteemed self to articulate in more detail about the pedigree of this staff?

HIS HIGHNESS SHEIKH AHMAD YASIN: Insha'Allah. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.

The Master [Adnan Oktar] is a very sincere person. May Almighty Allah strengthen his power. Friends of Allah do not hold ordinary things in their hands. If they possess anything in their hand, that would be a very worthy item.

The blessed person whom we call as Hazrat Quddisa Sirruh Alayhi is the caliph of Abdurrahman-i Tagi from the Naqshbandi lineage in Tillo. There are narratives told in regard to that blessed person. Upon the meaning of a dream by a dervish, he climbed up to the mountain and found this rosewood tree. Then he cut out a stick from that rosewood tree and shaped it into this staff for His Highness Muhammad Ziauddin. His Highness Sheikh Muhammad Ziauddin had shown that to us in the spiritual realm. He had said that one day this staff would come into leaf when its owner took possession of it.

REPORTER: Alhamdulillah.

HIS HIGHNESS SHEIKH AHMAD YASIN: That is a very important staff. It is related that he never left that staff behind. When he went out for important services for guidance, he would go together with that staff and when he returned back to his home, he would put it on the particular place he got made over head level. We did not experience those days but only heard of these from the witnesses of these happenings. Later, we learned that he sent that staff to His Highness Sheikh Ahmad al-Haznawi residing in the city of Kamisli in Syria today as a gift.

We call that personage, His Highness Abdul Haqim Husayni, who was the Gaws of his time and whose pedigree still persists in Menzil along with his shrine there. That blessed person, under the conditions of the day, passed the border walking on barefoot in order to receive guidance from Shah al-Haznawi. He was his follower and there he received spiritual guidance. When the time came, His Highness the Gaws had a dream and told about it to Shah al-Haznawi. “My Sultan, saving your presence, I am embarrassed to say that there were a well in your garden. It was filled with water to the brim. I bent down and drank all that water. Then when I thought of you and your children, I left some of it back from my mouth into the well out of compassion,” he said. When he noted that he had woken up afterwards, the Blessed Shah al-Haznawi Qaddas Allah Sirrahu avowed and said, “Abdul Haqim, Alhamdulillah, you have attained your spiritual stage (maqam). You are the owner of the time. You have shown mercy and left some knowledge, wisdom and insight to our lineage and children. This is a portent of that fact.” It is related that during this instance that staff was presented to him as a gift.

His Highness the Blessed Gaws, visited many villages, towns and cities in the East along with that staff. He never left it away either in days of summer or winter. Even some of the dervish who were with him told us, as we were able to meet and them and also listened to them in person.

They said there were no bridges in the East and streams flowed very strongly. His Highness the Gaws.. even the personage in Uskudar, His Highness Molla Yahya is his caliph. I was his follower at the same time and accomplished my training with him as well. That blessed person said; "We were poor at that time and His Highness the Gaws, saving his presence, would ride on his donkey." He talked in a way peculiar to the Easterners and said " I walked beside him on foot. Poor people would host him in a room where we visited," and he said, saving his presence, this blessed person would reside with him in the stable with the donkey. I have heard from this saintly person that he would never leave that rosewood staff away from him. He said, “We were never stranded and we neither came across bandits, nor wild animals. None of those could give us any harm.” But, “Allah knows the true wisdom related to it,” these blessed persons said.

Then, when our Sultan, His Highness Mohammed Rashid enshrined the throne in 1972, the relics of the family were inherited by him. That Sultan was really marvelous. Everybody knew this as people from every corner of the world came to visit him in crowds. We made great services with that blessed person further in the Balkans. Once it was again a winter day like this and we headed for visiting him along with our sayyids who were young at that time. There was his son, His Highness Sheikh Sayyid Fevzeddin who is now the sheikh in Bilvanis. That blessed one was in Adiyaman that day, in Menzil. He had went down there for an issue. This Master Sheikh held a discourse with us about the services to be carried out in Europe. Then he reached forth to get that staff. Allah knows best, I believe it was the 8th month of the year 79, the 8th month of the year 79. He said, “My son, do not leave this staff away from you. While going somewhere or a work is being carried out, you should keep this with you and when the time comes you may entrust it to its owner.”


HIS HIGHNESS SHEIKH AHMAD YASIN:In that way, this blessed person consigned that to me.

REPORTER: Subhan'Allah. Allah-u Akbar. Masha'Allah.

HIS HIGHNESS SHEIKH AHMAD YASIN:That is an important staff. We are needy dervishes.

REPORTER: Astaghfirullah.

HIS HIGHNESS SHEIKH AHMAD YASIN:  I am the servant Ahmad, who is striving to be a servant. That was consigned to us and we had been told that secret.

REPORTER: Masha'Allah.

HIS HIGHNESS SHEIKH AHMAD YASIN: And we saw that, insha'Allah, due to his services and his efforts, insha'Allah, hoping that he would be the commander on the outside, thinking that staff is to be entrusted to him, we presented it to our Adnan Hodja.

REPORTER: Astaghfirullah, that is very kind of you.

HIS HIGHNESS SHEIKH AHMAD YASIN:That is the pedigree of the staff.

REPORTER: Masha'Allah, Alhamdulillah. May Allah be pleased with you Master.


REPORTER: Masha'Allah. Subhan Allah. 


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