His Highness Sheikh Nazim Qubrusi's Assignee Sheikh Ahmet Yasin's conversation with Mr.Adnan Oktar's followers

Our Master has forwarded his love and regards . When you first came by, you bore witness as well, I accepted his salam standing up, right? Insha'Allah we witnessed that. That is how Sunnah is. May Allah be pleased with our Master we are extremely pleased with his services. I have already sent him a letter telling him about this. When we say what can we do here, it is a very beautiful development, a great advancement.. He is the commander.. he will tell us what we can do, and then we can do that service altogether insha'Allah. We are the army of prayers my friends, right? We are the army of prayers and service.. If our Master assumes command it would be more befitting, it is more suitable for him, right? Insha'Allah please convey this as it is.. By the leave of Allah, upon our advisement, we will do as ever it is suitable as he commands. As I have just repeated recently, as I have always said we do recommend all our brothers to listen to the websites of Master Harun Yahya. You also bore witness to that incident. That could only be done to this extent. It is apparent that he is an assigned person, he is commissioned for that. Then one should say "may Almighty Allah increase his strength". There are so many imams being paid a salary, and we see that no one gives even a coin to Master Adnan. Right? He has dedicated his youth to this path for the approval of Allah. That is an important issue. May Almighty Allah pave his way. Our prayers are with him. We do have a good faith in you and in your community. May Almighty Allah increase your strength, May He increase your health. May He pave your way. As I have just said, May Allah assign you to the post of being a commander, you are strong, powerful and handsome. They wouldn't let us anywhere with this beard and that baggy trousers anyway.. Well of course, our place is in our mosques. For that reason insha'Allah let us be the army of prayers after you insha'Allah. - Estagfirullah Master, you are held in high esteem for us insha'Allah. My request from you is this: you are performing a great service. All the Prophets, as you see, Almighty Allah did not tell us the stories of the prophets that passed by, .. He did so for us to read and take lessons. In those, there are lessons for you to draw. Because there are a lot of blessings, satan would definitely approach. We will pray for you so that they won't be able to touch you, .. but that is satan, that ignomious would definitely try to do something from somewhere, it would definitely put a spoke in your wheel. Don't you ever listen to its'words. There is only one thing he would want: separation. Whereas we are people that strive for the Unity of Islam, for the unity of the world.


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