His Highness Sheikh Ahmet Yasin recommends the books of Mr.Adnan Oktar

Sheikh Ahmet Yasin: They have brought a bundle of paper to me. In between the questions they said "Master would you please explain us that Big Bang issue?" and we have been telling for numerous times that; "Instead of listening this from us you could listen to that best from our Master Adnan Oktar's website." But in spite of this, if they are still asking those to me; then, may Allah give them common sense. There had been a big meeting in the University of Skopje. In 1989, back then, Alhamdulillah I have again recommended Harun Yahya books. But now we have much more means; by the leave of Allah insha'Allah we will have our brothers meet our brothers there and lead them a bit towards these book services. That is because the books we will be distributing there would meet a very big need in those people. Why?  First of all people should be freed from these materialistic, atheistic, communist thoughts so that we could then fill them with that doctrines of religion in them. 

May Almighty Allah deem those brothers of ours, His lions. May He make them like our Master Hazrat Ali (ra) insha'Allah, May He make our brothers here, the same. The atheistic, materialistic and communists thoughts should be erased from the minds of people so that.. What would happen when they read those books?

You should get the books by paying for them. I have seen the books they have published, I have seen the Atlas. That is a great service. You should buy them to be supportive, to support this service you should pay for them even higher prices; so that with the fee you pay let another brother of ours get a share in this too, let the service given be increased a bit more.  Especially in Balkan countries insha'Allah we will provide abundantly and distribute his books there. That is because we have very strong connections there.

It is apparent that we are living in the End of Times. The gaping holes all around the world are not for nothing. The earthquakes, the floods, the volcano explosions all these have been referred to in the hadiths of our Prophet (saas). The solar and lunar eclipses, the meteors.. The deaths of the birds, the deaths of fish are all connected to the gasses that come out of the ground, and they are signs for big earthquakes. May Almighty Allah grant all of us the blessing of being beside the Owner of The Time for those days. Insha'Allah. Amen.  


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