His Highness Sheikh Ahmad Yasin says: Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)'s portents have been realized.

SHEIKH AHMAD YASIN: "What are the portents," this is actually a serious matter,  "..to state if Hazrat Mahdi has come or not?"  

We began to talk about Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) because we set our heart on him, because we have a duty and because we took orders about this, with regard to that command. Ever since that day, in these six months death threats we received are innumerable. They reached six thousands in six months. The ones saying "O we will burn the buildings and the Islamic monasteries"  are may be more than six thousand. The ones saying "We'll do this and we'll do that"; these are not included. The ones saying   "Come and announce our sheikh as the Mahdi and we will give you this and this," such offers are not included either. The truth will come out no matter who does what.


SHEIKH AHMAD YASIN: Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is alive. My brother asked about his portents; saying "what is the portent as to he has come or not". That upset me very much, it made me exceedingly upset. Do you not live on this Earth? Are you living somewhere else?

Are you not aware of anything that has happened since the year 1970? Do you not know the incidents that occurred in our country, in Islam countries and in Istanbul in '80s? The incidents in the East and the West, the war in Afghanistan, the Iran-Iraq war, the burning down of Kuwait; do you not know anything about the hadiths of our Prophet (saas)? The water of the Euphrates being halted; the mountains of gold coming out beneath it. Black gold and white gold came out. The comet appeared. All of these happened. There had been the attack on the Kabaa. Are you not aware of any of these? What more portent are you talking about? Are these only news? You also do not care about the Palestinians; because you've got used to it, they made you get used to it.  They made you get used to such incidents as well.. Do you not follow any of them? We are screaming out saying that the End of Times has come. Did our Prophet (saas) not say that "nothing will remain secret as the Day of Judgment approaches?" What has remained secret?

We are saying that the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will come. We are saying that his time has come. We say that within this next 12 years, within the coming ten or twelve Muharram [The first month of Islamic Calendar]; within ten or twelve years, the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will come and perform the prayer behind him [Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh] and we are saying we will see some things.


SHEIKH AHMAD YASIN: Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) senses and knows himself. If Allah grants and I reach that day, I will be one of the first people to support and announce Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) insha'Allah! I am striving for that. How come you do not know these, and ask the portents as to whether he has come or not? That is why you have been sitting back. 


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