Hans Kochler: Only if the UN represents all nations equally and fairly, there is any chance at the global level.

All the youth around the world long for a time of peace, security and friendship. All conflicts will end through reconciliation. What role can the United Nations or States play in stopping armaments and military industry globally?


Hans Köchler: The problem is that the United Nations organization is based on the balance of power as it existed long ago namely in the time after the Second World War. And this organization does not represent in its decision-making structures all the regions and people in the world globally. There are only five countries that were most powerful countries in 1945 that have the main responsibility of the organization. It would be necessary that the regions that are left out so far in particular the Muslim world but also large continent of Africa and Latin America are integrated into the decision making in the United Nations. Because, only if all the regions and nations are represented equally and fairly is there any chance for a partnership and peace at the global level. 


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