God creates perfect fruits and vegetables from muddy water, people do not consider this

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated October 9th, 2015

ADNAN OKTAR: People obsess over bones, they are not aware that they are seeing images inside their brains. They are obsessing over bones. They never care about who shows that image inside their pitch-black brain. The outside world is a world full of darkness. There is a cable, eyes create electrical signals and sends electric signals. The signals reach the brain; inside the brain the soul converts it to light and color. Inside of a brain is very dark, if you open and look. We can see very clearly now, but inside of our brain is dark, pitch-black. But the soul sees it under a magnificent light; the existence of soul is very clear.

They consider religion from a different perspective, like it is a ceremony, an engagement ceremony for example. I mean, when there is a religious ceremony a hodja is called, he talks slowly. They kind of tolerate that, and then they start the ceremony etc.

GOKALP BARLAN: Almighty God commands, I seek refuge in God from accursed satan; "Abandon those who have turned their religion into a game and a diversion and who have been deluded by the life of the world." Remind by it (Quran) lest a person is delivered up to destruction for what he has earned..."  (Surah Al-An‘am, 70)

ADNAN OKTAR: You can see why Almighty God brings forth illnesses and diseases in our world. God shows the necessity of trial here. I was wondering what the reason was, what was God's wisdom behind it. The reason is here. They don't even care to mention God's name. They even turn struggling with illnesses into a game.

KARTAL GOKTAN: God commands in a verse. I seek refuge in God from satan: "When We grant blessing to a man, he turns away and draws aside but when any evil touches him, he is full of endless prayers!" (Surah Fussilat, 51)

ADNAN OKTAR: Again, please.

KARTAL GOKTAN: "When We grant blessing to a man, he turns away and draws aside but when any evil touches him, he is full of endless prayers!" (Surah Fussilat, 51)

ADNAN OKTAR: This person prays, there are some who never prays even when something disastrous befalls them. Whereas, God gives those troubles to remind them of Himself, but they still don’t care. What would they lose if they love God, obey the commandments of their religion. These bigots discouraged the people from religion with fear. They feel like they will fall into a well, an unknown, if they believe.

In the 4th verse of Surah Ar-Ra‘d, Almighty God commands: "In the earth there are diverse regions side by side and gardens of grapes," for example God creates grapes, He points it out here. From a wooden barrel and muddy water, He creates grapes sweet as honey, perfectly juicy, perfectly sweet, isn't it right? "...cultivated fields," for example wheat, "palm-trees sharing one root and others with individual roots," date palms are as sweet as honey as you know; it contains all kinds of proteins. "...all watered with the same water. And We make some things better to eat than others." Surely every one of them is different. God says, "I created them." "There are Signs in that for people who use their intellect." (Surah Ar-Ra‘d, 4) God wants us to use our intellect, to think about all these things. We need to make a list for what we should think about. We can turn it into a book. Every one of them, minerals and vitamins in grapes for example. God creates these from earth, from muddy water, a wooden piece is stabbed into earth, and these are created.


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