Esteemed Ahl-al Sunnah scholar Mr. Ali Eren's explanations about the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) and Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)

Ali Eren: According to the Ahl al-Sunnah Islam belief, the descent of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh), that is his descent from the Presence of Allah and Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)'s  coming is a fact. That has a place in the creed of Islam. The information we have in our books about the arrival of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) is as follows; it reads since the Prophet Jesus(pbuh) was aware of the superiority of the ummah of  Mohammed (saas) in the Presence of Allah, that is since he was aware of the eminence of being a ummah of Mohammad, he has prayed to Allah and said “My Lord make me the ummah of your latest Prophet" and Almighty Allah had accepted his prayers. In the End Times, according to the belief of Islam, according to the belief in Ahl al-Sunnah creed he will come back to the earth.  The common belief is that the Prophet Jesus will come to earth in the End Times. Actually this point has been mentioned as an item about the belief and creed books of Islam. And believing in the fact that the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will come back in the End Times is incumbent on a Muslim. What is incumbent? It is a point that comes right after obligatory tasks of a Muslim, that has a higher priority than the things Our Prophet (saas) has liked and the Sunnah. 

The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will descent but in the End Times he will not come as a Prophet. He won’t come with the title of a Prophet and will not perform the tasks of a Prophet.  What will he be? Just as I have said he will be among the Ummah of our Prophet (saas) .In our books it is also stated that in the End Times a blessed person called the Mahdi (pbuh) who has been guided to the right way and who will be instrumental in people being guided to the right way will also come.  What is more in all the books the names of the Mahdi and the Prophet Jesus(pbuh ) is always mentioned together.  Moreover it is also stated that the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will perform prayers along with the Mahdi (pbuh). 


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