Dr. Fabrizio Fratus Explains the Most Challenging Topics for Evolutionists: The Soul and the Mind

Dr. Fabrizio Fratus Can the evolutionists explain how the human soul has come to being? Isn’t the soul or the mind the most challenging topic for the evolutionists?

I think this is definitely a problem for materialists in general. In the last studies I have conducted with Paolo Cioni, an Italian research psychiatrist who studies the functions of brain, I have been able to observe this:  Everything that produces our brain, which is the center of our existence, is codified with parameters. Paolo Cioni told me that the materialists are unable to explain how these parameters form such as consciousness, free will, the ability of man to choose and thus to understand good and evil, the sense of the self, who that person is. These are all unique and special abilities that are also inexplicable at a chemical level. In this field, as well as in many others, neo-Darwinism and materialists are bound to lose and we are proudly continuing with our work. We are doing our best to prevent people being deceived by those who claim that men are ordinary beings that come into existence causally completely through material processes.

So, our soul and our conscience are the essence of our existence, meant by something superior that, from my point of view, can be nothing but God.


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