Dr. Carlo Cossano Talks about How the Cells Take Decisions and Put These Decisions into Practice


How could the elements of the cell take decisions of those operations that you witness with your eyes every single day and put them into practice?

Molecular machines operating inside our cells, which we can describe as nano-robots, carry out programmed operations, using physical laws. However, these operations are programmed by a particular element, which is the information. This information is loaded and programmed inside DNA, and molecular machines use it to carry out operations that have a very high specificity. So the question is: Who loaded such information? Who made it possible for molecular machines to know how, where and when to carry out their operations? Science clearly shows us that in order to load the specific and complex information that controls these molecular machines, it is a must to scientifically assert that an intelligence is existing. So, intelligence is an indispensable condition. For this reason, we obviously have to consider a higher intelligence, because no human would be able to think about such a complex system and load such specific and complicated information to make an equipment work such as the cell which is so small and infinitesimal. So, there must be a higher intelligence, and, in my opinion, this intelligence is God.


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