Dr. Carlo Cossano: Is Cyanobacteria a simple organism?

Tell us about the bacteria in the fossil record, cyanobacteria of 3.5 billion years. Do you consider that this is a simple organism? What are the capabilities of this so-called simple bacteria?

No, the adjective ‘simple’ absolutely is very relative. Even the simplest bacterium, which contains 400/500 genes, is actually a complex system. It is much more complex than anything human beings have been able to create. Not even a Space Shuttle is as complex as a simple bacterium. We know that cyanobacteria were bacteria that was making photosynthesis and passing through very important chemical changes. As replicating cells, they had a transcription, replication and quality control system. They had a series of automatic and self- monitoring molecular machines that allow the management of information within the living cells. As we can see, it is something very complex. We are talking about very complex things, wonders.


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