Dr. Carlo Alberto Cossano: Anti-Evolutionist Committee in Italy


Dr. Carlo Alberto Cossano: Anti-Evolutionist Committee in Italy

Can you tell us about the anti Darwinist works in Italy and your organization Anti-Evolutionist Committee?

Yes, we have different anti-evolutionary groups In Italy. I have the pleasure of collaborating with Fabrizio Fratus, a friend of mine with whom I often organize activities to try to make clear to people that the evolutionist, Darwinist position is not the only opinion, even if it is presented as an untouchable truth like the gravity force. Through blogs, websites, radio shows, publications and, also through conferences we organize whenever possible, we try to explain that in fact, all organisms, from the simplest bacterium to human being, are anything but simple and that their complexity reveals many things that must be understood and analyzed also in the light of science. Science must not have a philosophical and ideological point of view when dealing with these arguments in these researches. Through this work we are trying to make people understand that by deepening things we can find out that they are not as shown by the media. Media actually describe evolution as a fact that cannot be questioned but the reality is that even many researchers think that Darwin's theory contains many points that need to be clarified. We try to draw attention to this fact in every possible way we can.


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