Does reading the Qur'an improve one's intelligence?

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated February 19th, 2018

VTR: Does reading the Qur'an improve one's intelligence?

ADNAN OKTAR: The Qur'an does improve one's intelligence, but only when its teachings are carefully pondered upon. Reading it casually does not have such an effect. A thorough, slow, proper, and as God says in the verse, 'distinct' reading of the Qur'an is required. For example, Jews read the Torah very carefully, and they are incredibly intelligent people. Jewish community produces great many scholars and professors. Their average rate of intelligence is quite high. Majority of the Nobel-winning scientists are Jewish. On that account, God enhances the mental faculties of those who read God's book with meticulous attention and carefully ponder upon its teachings. The Qur'an should be read with the intent to truly comprehend, internalize and practice the Word of God.