At heart, Darwinism is built on false logic. Great numbers of people have been convinced that the cell developed spontaneously out of muddy water, that hundreds of thousands of species descended from one another through random changes by way of mutations—and that intermediate forms, the evidence left over from these changes, will inevitably be discovered one day. According to Darwinist logic, all living species and even our own civilization are the results of a certain amount of mud, a great deal of time and blind chance. However, the cell cannot be produced even under technological conditions in a controlled environment such as the laboratory. Ninety-nine percent of mutations are harmful, the remaining 1% having no effect at all. And the mechanism known as natural selection has no power to effect evolution. Not one single example of a transitional form has ever been found in the fossil record. All that has been excavated is the remains of living things that remained unchanged for millions of years. The 59-million-year-old donkey skull shown here, identical to the skulls of present-day donkeys, is one of these.