Brother Said Ozdemir who is one of the 12 assignees of His Highness Bediuzzaman says;"At this time, the Islamic Union is the religious obligation."

Presenter: I would also like to learn the following from you; what kind of importance and significance did Islamic Union have in our Master's daily life?   I mean there are many things that are told about our Master. They have been saying our Master liked this, did this, etc. but how much of the Master's day was spent on the idea, the notion of Islamic Union..

Said Ozdemir:Now for instance, let me give you an example. Now Master has a letter about the Wahabis in the book of Letters.  I mean it was about some of their over doings. While we were publishing the Letters he said; "brother Said, Do not put it in the book of Letters." We asked "Why?" He said; "Now it is the time of the Union of Islam. There shouldn't be a separation, a conflict in between us. Until the (time of) Islamic Union.  But," he said "after the Union of Islam the scholars can sit down and tell themselves." Did you understand?  "The intention here is," he said "for all the Muslims to enter directly into the Islamic union there and then and they need to embrace each other with the love of brotherhood."  And his highness the Master says in the Damascus Sermon; "At this time the Islamic Union is the religious obligation. Everyone should work for that; for the unity and togetherness of Muslims. At that time," he says, "the banner of Islam will fly all over the world and it would be amazingly powerful. Even Europe and America would have to kneel in front of that Islam." 


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