Being a gypsy or black is an honor; each is more wonderful then the other

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated February 1st, 2017

ADNAN OKTAR: The poor and oppressed people become wonderful artists. My gypsy brothers and sisters are the most pleasant people in the world. They are masterful artists. They are a great people, in terms of both morality and personality. "It is wrong to call them gypsies," some say. On the contrary, we’ll call them Gypsies as being a Gypsy is an honor. There is no one in the world who do not carry a part of Gypsy blood in their veins. Being a Gypsy means being an artist, being an honest person. It means being a humble person, a friend, a companion. When you consider the term "Gypsy" offensive, sooner or later the term "Romani" will also become offensive. What is it that you want to do? Being a Gypsy is an honor. People should never ever abandon using this term. "Do not call them Black, it is offensive" some say. Being Black is a blessing, a beauty. Let us recall that Bilal al-Habashi was black. "They should be called colored"; do you know where this will lead to? Once you consider the term "Black" offensive, nothing is stopping you from considering the term "colored" to be offensive next. Why would it be offensive? What is it that they lack? They do not lack anything; if anything, they are superior. What is it that they lack? They are humble, well-behaved, kind-hearted, artistic, diligent and well-mannered people. Where do some people come up with such nonsense?  We have no business with racists; racists are foul people. We are all the children of the Prophet Adam (pbuh) and our friends should never go along with such nonsense. Being a Gypsy is an honor, a beauty, and so is being  Black. Each of them is more honest, more wonderful than the other.


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