All the people of Heaven enjoy all the blessings offered to them

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar's Live Conversation on A9TV dated February 23rd, 2018

VTR: "Greetings, Mr. Oktar. My question is: as far as we know heaven is in two sections. In one, people will get to meet and converse with God's manifestation. In the other, they will still get to enjoy all the blessings heaven offers, yet they will not be able to meet and converse with God. So this has led me to think; the idea of being on the latter section and not being able to meet God deeply upsets me. Sometimes I find myself thinking if I will not be able to meet God, then what is the point of being in heaven. Is it right to think in this way?

ADNAN OKTAR: You are clearly a sensible, rational young man, who bases his decisions on honest and sincere contemplation rather than sudden impulse. Greetings to you, as well. Heaven does not comprise of two sections where people will meet or will not meet God. I could not understand where you got such an idea. There will be no single person who will go to heaven, yet will not get to enjoy the provisions of heaven. Heaven is a common area that is open to everyone. If God is to be met, every believer will get to meet Him. Every believer will swim in the rivers of heaven and taste the fruits of heaven. There are no areas in heaven that are inaccessible to believers. It is completely unrestricted for all. And every provision is shared by all believers. There is no such thing as unfair division of provisions. Therefore, all believers will get to meet the manifestation of God. In fact, God says, "He will appear to all the people of heaven." He will appear to all the people of heaven. There is no such thing as God appearing to only a part of the believers. You probably were misinformed or you misremember what you heard. It is not a quality of heaven. A believer is not denied the blessing another believer is given. All believers will definitely be granted the same blessings. Your mind can rest at ease. God would never do something that upsets a person such deeply. You can trust in God's wisdom and conscience. God's judgment, wisdom and conscience are infinitely flawless. There is no doubt that He has planned everything thoroughly, down to the finest detail. Do not ever feel any such or similar doubt.


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