Bear cubs are born in mid-winter, blind and with no fur, while their mothers are in hibernation. The cub. No bigger than a squirrel, is only strong enough to climb to the source of milk. Brown-colored bear milk is rich in fat and calories. This means the cub grows fast over the winter months. When the mother wakes up in the spring the cub is strong enough to follow her outside the nest. Bear cubs are very lively, but quite defenseless outside the nest. For the next year they learn to take care of themselves by staying with their mothers, who protect them from all danger. Since they feed constantly during this time they grow very fast. Like all animals, a parent bear can be very aggressive toward anything it things represents a threat to its cub. The mother tirelessly cares for her offspring for three years and ensures it is able to survive.

 Our Lord, the infinitely compassionate and merciful, is He Who meets all living things’ needs and gives them protection. He has therefore given cute bear cubs everything they need to survive and come to no harm. It is He Who protects them against all potential threats alongside their powerful mothers.

A leopard, lion or bear cub, which will grow up to become very savage animals, inspire great affection and compassion in people. Like everything in the universe, these animals all submit to Allah, Who sets this fact out in the verse " ... everything in the heavens and Earth, willingly or unwillingly, submits to Him and to Him you will be returned?" (Surah Al Imran, 83)


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