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  • Muslims make efficient use of the Internet systems for spreading Islam

  • ‘Causation’ is an artistry of God

  • Hypocrites come up with foolish excuses to avoid good deeds

  • The female agents of the British deep state usually have short hair

  • Hypocrites lie in an attempt to make themselves look wealthy to ingratiate themselves w...

  • How do martyrs give the glad tidings to those left behind?

  • How is the life in the rank of martyrdom?

  • The British deep state encourages hypocrites to praise each other

  • The social media accounts of the hypocrites reveal their true nature

  • Mike Pence stating that the USA will be a nation under God is praiseworthy

  • Our Prophet (saas) told believers to avoid storing more than needed

  • Hypocrites think they will live forever through their progeny and possessions

  • The Mahdi movement will reign over hearts through pure love

  • The Grand Master of the Lodge in Italy, Mr. Gian Franco Pilloni’s message to Mr. Adnan ...

  • God forgets those who forget Him

  • One should be in constant connection with Almighty God in a state of amazement

  • Hedgehog, snake and scorpion are symbols used by the British deep state and in Rumism

  • It was the British deep state that ensured the defeat of the Ottoman Empire in the 1887...

  • The British spy, Gertrude Bell prompted the Iraq, Syria and Jordan revolts in the Ottom...

  • The whole world is under the rule of the dictatorship of Darwinism

  • Russia becomes the target of attacks as it reveals the schemes of the British deep state

  • The term 'socratic love' refers to homosexuality

  • Famous evolutionist admits: Mutations do not lead to an evolutionary development

  • 99% of mutations are harmful while the remaining 1% are neutral, and proven to produc...

  • Atheists are honest people who clearly admit their disbelief in God, whereas hypocrites...

  • The structure of vacuole, mitochondria inside the cell is a marvel of creation

  • The verse 'He is God, the Supreme Maker' in the Quran attests to the invalidity of Da...

  • The history is full of struggles between the good and the evil

  • Hypocrites seek to have material gains from their activities against Muslims

  • What does the British deep state's mentality, "War is peace, slavery is freedom, ignora...

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