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  • Qatar is Turkey’s true friend

  • The Muslim countries should bond a strong friendship and cooperation

  • Turkey-Qatar relations are quite amiable nowadays

  • The problem between Qatar and the Gulf countries must be resolved as soon as possible

  • Jesus Messiah (pbuh) will be immediately recognized with the majestic expression on his...

  • Richard Dawkins claims the origin of life is ‘the aliens’

  • Darwinism was presented as a respectable theory until we exposed the fossil evidences

  • Millions of fossils are withheld from the public

  • Who is it in the brain that is capable of seeing without eyes?

  • Darwin thought the cell as a "water-filled sack," yet the cell is as complex as a city

  • Darwin says, "I lost faith in my theory after examining the human eye"

  • The religious fanatics degrade women and assume almost everything to be forbidden for them

  • The heaven is brought near to the believers in the hereafter

  • Enmity towards Jews is not Islamic

  • PKK, YPG and PYD are sponsored by the British deep state

  • According to the report prepared by the British deep state, "Rumism is the best method ...

  • Well-known paleontologist Derek W. Ager admits there is no fossil evidence for evolution

  • True love is based on the love for God

  • Anything that is not specified as unlawful in the Qur'an is lawful

  • Faith in God is what renders a woman beautiful

  • The Qur’an only condemns a particular decadent Jewish group of the past, not the entire...

  • Following our similar remarks, Khamenei says "It is the British Shiism that incite Musl...

  • PKK is controlled by the British Deep State, which plans its activities at its base in ...

  • Hypocrites indulge themselves in food and pleasures

  • Even aggressive people should be approached with kindness

  • Everything hypocrites do is for an evil purpose

  • The British deep state uses hypocrites to infiltrate the state

  • Hypocrites try to deceive people by pretending to be rich

  • The Mahdi movement is the only obstacle that the British deep state could not cope thro...

  • Love God with all your mind, heart and soul

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