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  • Is there suffering in grave?

  • What sort of creature is satan?

  • How is the life that awaits believers in heaven?

  • Jews News and The Times of Israel websites refers to Adnan Oktar's efforts for friend...

  • The Muslims of Egypt should stand by fellow Christians and protect churches as a reli...

  • How can we improve Turkey-Iran relations?

  • Why do people call brave people mad?

  • Will people be eternally condemned to hell or will they go to heaven after serving thei...

  • Are people afraid of hell or God?

  • Does the 6th sense really exist?

  • What are your comments on Trump's visit to the Wailing Wall?

  • Are women free?

  • What is the unknown aspect of the ongoing poverty on earth?

  • Why in marriages, spouses quickly become bored of each other?

  • Why is there economic crisis?

  • Is the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) hidden by his students?

  • What do you think about reincarnation?

  • God sent down the Quran as a judge that clarifies everything

  • Ayatollah Khamenei states that the biggest threat for the region is the British deep state

  • It would be great if Donald Trump holds monthly meetings with Jews, Christians and Muslims

  • It is the movement of the Mahdi that shapes the history of the world and also the found...

  • It is astonishing that people choose fighting and wars over the easy path of brotherhood

  • It is neither a sin nor a crime for women to look beautiful and pleasant

  • In response to atheists: What is the purpose behind the creation of the universe?

  • Maidens of heaven have fascinating singing voices

  • The Prophets led wealthy lives

  • Some Muslims reject the Mahdi chosen by God and look for a false Mahdi among themselves

  • Hazrat Ali's sermon regarding hadiths

  • Said Nursi reveals in great detail the schemes of the British deep state

  • The Christian community in Europe and USA will follow Prophet Jesus (pbuh) at his secon...

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