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  • Arrogance leads to misery

  • Women's freedom do not conflict with the religion

  • God's fascinating art of Creation

  • Is the apple tree more intelligent than humans?

  • Even a single bee is enough to make a person believe in God

  • Forgetting God brings unhappiness and troubles

  • Prophet Moses (as) was put on a trial with his people

  • The meetings of our friends in Israel on behalf of Adnan Oktar

  • What will happen to the world after the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) and Hazrat Mahdi (as) pa...

  • What does the verse 'When they see what has been promised to them' refer to?

  • How does the Bible define the British deep state?

  • God is the actual artist who makes musicians perform their music and makes us love it

  • The hospitality and good moral values of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh)

  • Denial of the coming of Mahdi is his sign of appearance

  • Women are appreciated by respecting their honor and chastity

  • What is sincerity?

  • A single branch and flower of a tree attest to God's art of creation

  • How do we see? It is a great miracle to be able to perceive the weak electricity transm...

  • How is the sense of touch formed?

  • The amazing story of a plant that picks exactly the right ingredients from the soil

  • Hearts find true relief only with trust in God

  • The bodily reactions of hypocrites show that they are under satan’s control

  • Engels and Marx were members of the same masonic lodge

  • Marx and Engels were promoted by the British deep state, which distributed their books ...

  • Despite their opposing views, Karl Marx and Adam Smith were controlled by the same cent...

  • The British deep state's aim was to first to drive the Turkish Nation to Anatolia, and ...

  • Which great British families sponsored Lenin and Trotsky during the Bolshevik revolution?

  • Why is suicide common among the US military members?

  • Who were the British deep state spies that tried to get close to Atatürk?

  • Hypocrites brag about not conforming to the Muslim community they are in, which is a ch...

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