Is there suffering in grave?

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ADNAN OKTAR: "Mr. Oktar, does suffering in grave really exist?” asks a viewer. It does not. Once you die, you directly go to the hereafter. The aftermath of death resembles awakening from slumber; it is a clear, explicit awakening from a normal, high-quality dream. That is it. Once you are awake, you are in the hereafter. There is no turning back as the soul passes into a new dimension, the fourth dimension. It is clearer than even this image that we see. This is why they call it a dream. This is why the dead says, "Who has raised us from our resting place?" It is clear that they will go through another period of resting and awakening. Normally, one would directly wake up.

For example, the entire mankind existed in the Realm of Souls before time and space were created in the exact same form we now have, with a body, eyes, eyebrows, and all the extremities intact. God made us and the prophets wait in the Realm of Souls. He initially allowed the Prophet Adam (pbuh) into His heaven. Before that, He formed a porcelain sculpture as a means to His creation, in fact God brought the Prophet Adam (pbuh) from the Realm of Souls. The Prophet Adam (pbuh) was not so much as created from that sculpture, but the sculputer was only a means for his creation. Coming from the Realm of Souls, Adam (pbuh) immediately starts walking before God as a human being. He simply transforms from sculpture into his human form. You, me, we all were in the Realm of Souls where we existed together, as friends. Then we came to this world, unawares, and come together. As God says in the verse of the Quran; "Wherever you are, Allah will bring you all together." This is a reference to the conditions in the Realm of Souls. Since we existed together in the Realm of Souls, and we will clearly come together here, God surely brings us all together. He imbues people's subconscious with loyalty, but people are not aware of it. God bound this loyalty to people's subconscious. Some are coming from Germany, some from France, and some from Russia, but they all come. We existed before time; there is no such thing as creation through evolution. s

"Every self," says Almighty God in the 21-23rd verses of Surah Qaf, "Every self," self means the body, human, "will come together with a driver," because believers will be on a vehicle with a driver as God will not make them walk. "…and a witness," this means, believers will be accompanied by a host, an angel, a human-like entity. "You were heedless of this so We have stripped you of your covering..." Our eyes covered with a sheet, a curtain and God lifts that curtain. That is what He means by "We have stripped you of your covering." Once that curtain is open, the believers directly pass into the hereafter. "...and today your sight is sharp." Believers will make a comparison since their vision will be clearer than that on earth. They will openly declare that they have been in a slumber and sincerely believe that they have been in a dream. You know, sometimes we wake up while we dream, right? We wake up, but actually we are still in a dream. I remember very well an instance where I was sleeping and suddenly I realized I was in a dream. So I wanted to shake myself and wake up, thinking "Thank God, I am in a dream; what a different place the dream world is." I contemplated on the difference between the two realms and thanked God. There is a whole world of difference between the vividness of the two places; it is an astonishing mystery of God. And then I woke up in the morning. I did not know until then that I was in a dream. It was so very vivid; I thanked God and made myself consciously wake up, it was very clear to me. I only realized after I woke up that I had still been dreaming. The current system is the same. Believers will not encounter anything that seems irrational or out of place. As for the disbelievers, God will make them suffer, making every moment of their existence dreadful. Whereas believers will have nothing to worry about as the driver and the host accompanying them will guide them throughout the way. Ahmed Hodja [A Muslim preacher] is making up stories, saying satan pesters the person while dying and tries to take away his faith. These are completely untrue. Believers will never go through such things. Because by way of their creation, they are pious. They are created for the heaven. So what do these tales have to do with this? Satan is around as as he always is, and he approaches and tries to misguide believers as usual. But believers never pay him any heed. There is no such thing. Those who die enter the hereafter with a conscious and clear awareness, encompassed by a sense of relief and serenity peculiar to believers. On the other hand, disbelievers suffer greatly, giving their lives after going through beating and debasement. This is a clockwork, permanent system of God. In the 112-114th verses of Surah al-Muminun, God says -I seek refuge in God from satan; "He will say, How many years did you tarry on the earth?They will say, We tarried there for a day or part of a day." They sincerely believe so. As they have awakened from a slumber and perceived life as a dream, they believe they stayed on earth for a short time, as short as the part of a day. In other words, they believe they tarried on earth as long as it takes to sleep, that is about 8 hours.

ADNAN OKTAR: Yes. "Ask those able to count!He will say, You only tarried there for a little while if you did but know!" But in reality, they remain on earth for even a shorter period. Let's say that a person remains on earth for 70 years; but the actual duration of their stay on earth is not even longer than 70 seconds. But this is how they perceive it.

In the 52nd verse of Surah Ya Sin -I seek refuge in God from satan-; "They will say, Alas for us! Who has raised us from our resting-place?" "Who has awakened us?" they ask. They ask so surely because they sincerely think they have been awakened from their slumber. "This is what the All-Merciful promised us. The Messengers were telling the truth." (Surah Ya Sin, 52) It will be but one Great Blast," here, God also points to the fact that there will occur a commotion and yelling. "...and they will all be summoned to Our presence." (Surah Ya Sin, 53)

There is no cause for concern, agitation or worry for believers. They are quite comfortable. Of course they have to deal with sickness and other worldly issues but believers' lives are taken before they enter into the final coma. Their death does not drag on. Besides, one can clearly see on their face that their lives have already been taken. For those who near their death, people say, "the light in his eye has faded away"; Their faces took on a vacant expression. This is because their lives have already been taken away. They might scream and convulse, but that does not mean that they actually feel it. When our Prophet (saas) contracted fever, they would ask him "How is this possible O Messenger of God?" And he would reply, "I am a human being after all. I, too, have to go through a trial." "I cannot live in comfort while you suffer hardship," he says. "Indeed, I, too, have to suffer hardship and go through a trial." But at his final moment, Almighty God helps our Prophet (saas); "I am going to the most Exalted Friend," he utters as he raises his hand for a moment, only to fall down again. Him knowing his moment of death is a miracle. And so are the speeches he gave prior to his death.

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