What sort of creature is satan?

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VTR: My name is Furkan. What sort of creature is satan?

ADNAN OKTAR: It has a jinni-like appearance. It usually has an ugly and gruesome appearance, but he can take a beautiful form at will. For example, it can take the shape of an animal such as a scorpion, a cat, a dog, or a crow. Doing so is like a second nature to him. But he exerts little to no influence over the believers. It is the same with the self; it is like a slave. Tell it to stop and it stops. Some say, "I could not help it." How can you not make it obey your orders? When you feel anger building up, you tell it to be calm, and it instantly stops. Or when it reaches out for something, you tell it to stop and it stops. When it is about to do something, you tell "Don't!" and it does not. The self fully obeys your orders. Only in weak-willed people can the self make things go downhill. The same is also true for satan as the only thing he can do is whisper, which can be easily ignored.


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