How is the life that awaits believers in heaven?

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VTR: My name is Ömer Yılmaz. I am a student of Beşiktaş Anatolian High School. How is the life that awaits believers in heaven?

ADNAN OKTAR: What is our desire in this world? What is are the thing that we love doing the most? Speaking for myself, what I love the most are women as manifestations of God. For example, there is music in heaven that can be heard from everywhere; there are beautiful imagery, buildings and vehicles. There are horses and camels that can also fly. Our Prophet (saas) says, "There are crystal-colored camels in heaven as well as horses made of red ruby." They are made of ruby, yet they are animate. These horses are docile, capable of talking, and crystalline in appearance without any internal organs. But they are made of irradiant ruby. They carry you wherever you wish. Almighty God says, "Your every wish and desire is created instantly the moment you imagine it. The limit is your imagination. You go anywhere you want and have anything you desire." God gives us a taste of heaven in our dreams, right? For example, when we wish to fly, we can. Or when we want to drive a car, we do. Even those who lack a driver's license can drive in their dreams. Or those who do not know how to play a musical instrument can masterfully play a violin in their dreams. They play lute, drive fast sports cars, sail boats. Do they have any prior experience about sailing a boat? They do not. Or they can deftly fly a plane. They can speak any foreign language very well when they meet a foreigner in their dreams. For instance, they speak fluently in Spanish. They never say, "I do not speak Spanish." He immediately starts speaking. Death is even more lucid, sharper then dreams. Dreaming is also a form of death, albeit with a more blurred vision. Conscious is also more blurry. However in death, the vision and conscious becomes much sharper. In a verse of the Qur'an, God says -I seek refuge in God from satan, "People's sight will be sharp and clear." This is true for all our senses.


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