Jews News and The Times of Israel websites refers to Adnan Oktar's efforts for friendship and brotherhood

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OKTAR BABUNA: Jews News, a news website covering news about Jews and Israel, with a fan base of 1,600,000 followers on Facebook issued a news article featuring your efforts titled "A story everyone should hear about; a Turkish Muslim group's tireless struggle against anti-semitism in the Islamic world." The news mentions Cihat and Mehmet's participation at the Jewish students' visit to the Polish Nazi Camps as well as the fact that documentary being produced by A9 TV about Holocaust.

Secondly, one of Israel's most popular English language publication with over 1 million followers on Facebook, The Times of Israel newspaper,  featured an article on the column of Rabbi Jeff Seidel with the title; "The movement bringing Islam to the 21st century" that talks about your efforts. Jews News, also, featured this column on its website. This is what the column writes about you: "The Turkish Muslim leader Adnan Oktar has gained international recognition for his extensive record in helping to raise mass awareness concerning the real underlying causes of social and political conflicts.  He has done his educational campaign through TV programs, books, documentaries, articles, conferences, magazines, websites, etc. Oktar has also been active in forming relationships with politicians, religious leaders and activists worldwide to spread their message of coexistence and brotherhood."

ADNAN OKTAR: Indeed, we love Jews dearly. Because, they have always remained loyal to the Prophet Moses (pbuh) for 4000 years, and to the Prophet Abraham (pbuh) for 5000-6000 years. And also they have been loyal to the Prophet Joseph (pbuh), the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) and the Prophet Israel (pbuh). Of course, we love them. God loves them and so do we.


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