The Muslims of Egypt should stand by fellow Christians and protect churches as a religious duty

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KARTAL GÖKTAN: In Egypt, armed attackers opened fire at a bus carrying Coptic Christians. According to first estimates, at least 23 people have lost their lives while 25 are injured in the attack that took place in the Minya region of Egypt. There was another attack in Tanta and Alexandria regions of Egypt in the last month, where churches were targeted by two suicide bombers, resulting in the death of 36 people.

ADNAN OKTAR: What is their problem with churches? It is not acceptable. The People of the Book are under the protection of Muslims. So are churches, monasteries, synagogues and mosques. This is a fact established by the verse of the Qur'an. This is another attack perpetrated by the dajjal. They do not want any Christian or Muslim presence in Egypt. This is why they are terrorizing Egypt. They have achieved their goals to some extent by driving Jews away from there. Now, there are only a handful of Christians left and they either want them to leave Egypt or lose their faiths, effectively eliminating the Christian population. Muslims should do everything in their power to protect and support our Christian brothers and sisters in Egypt.  They should escort them like bodyguards. They should stand guard in front of churches. It is a religious duty to protect churches. Such a cruelty should not be allowed. Neither the Egyptian government nor the Muslims of Egypt should allow it.

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