How can we improve Turkey-Iran relations?

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VTR: Hello, I am Emad Ahmadi from Iran.  How can we improve Turkey-Iran relations?

ADNAN OKTAR: There can be no enmity between Turkey and Iran. How can there be? Half of Iran's population is Turkish and Sunni. Our friendship has historical roots. Other than a handful of wars between the two countries, there has been no other hostility in the thousand-year-old history. Iranians are saintly, pure and estimable Muslims. It is a pure country and home to pure, honest, polite and trustworthy people. The opposition against Iran is incited by the British deep state. We should exercise utmost caution against such schemes. We hold our Shiite brothers and sisters in high esteem. No such thing as hostility will happen between us.

The borders we share with Iran have remained unaltered since 1639. It has never changed. Iran is our genuine and intimate friend. We are the people of the Middle East. And so are they. Both sides are honest and trustworthy. Those who wish to devastate the Islamic world feel they have to pit these two great powers against each other. But other than a few inconvenient excuses, the British deep state has run out of excuses to do so. It is trying too hard to find an excuse, but to no avail. We are friends and we will always remain so.


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