Why do people call brave people mad?

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VTR: Hello, I am Şevval. Why do people call brave people insane?

ADNAN OKTAR: As the saying goes, "Brevity is made of insanity." There are many hadiths of our Prophet (saas) in this regard. He says, "People call those with a heightened faith insane." Therefore, brave people tend to be insane. Brevity, courage gives a person an insane appearance and it is a favorable quality. Of course, what is meant by insane here is not the bad kind, but a pleasant insanity. Insanity here carries a positive connotation, meaning brave, dashing and nimble - the opposite of fainthearted and introverted. It is not used in the meaning of schizophrenic or paranoid. Of course, I do not mean to incriminate the people suffering from such disorders as they are innocent, aggrieved people. Some people use the term insane as an insult. This is wrong. God might take away anyone's mental health one day. It only takes mere seconds for one to lose his mental health and it is completely irreversible. Therefore, people should treat those suffering from such disorders with respect and compassion. Believers should keep in mind the fact that people suffer from such impediments for a reason only known to God and be content with their situation. They should treat such people with nothing but respect.

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