What are your comments on Trump's visit to the Wailing Wall?

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VTR: What do you think about Trump's visit to the Wailing Wall?

ADNAN OKTAR: I think it was a great step. A wonderful step. Besides, Trump's greatest strength lies in his support for the Jewish community. I am referring to a causative strength of course, as all strength lies with God alone. His is a strength by proxy. Protecting and watching over Jews brings with it God’s blessings. Because they are a downtrodden people. Whoever watches over any downtrodden Muslim is bestowed with God's blessing. For example, Mr. Erdoğan took Syrian refugees under his protection, this brings him God's blessing. God shows him mercy and watches over him by means of his such deed. As for Trump, he is a Christian, so it is only natural that he adheres to the Torah as well. It is quite normal that he prays according to the Torah. Because in Christian belief, the Torah is considered as the Old Testament. He does not reject the teachings of the Torah. As you know, Protestants acknowledge the Torah. Since Trump is a Protestant, he has no problem with praying in accordance with the commandments of Judaism. And his close affiliation with the Jews will only yield more blessing and good outcomes. So, it is a wonderful, favorable development. As you know, his daughter is also quite religious. His daughter is a Jew, too. Jews are actually pure, saintly people, but people do not know this. There is a long-standing misconception that Jews are a despotic, tyrannical people. This is not true. Of course there are immoral, tyrannical, murderous individuals among the Jews, as all societies have those. But the Jewish people in general are saintly people. They are polite and well-mannered.


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