Are women free?

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VTR: Women and men had been given equal rights in the past, then why do we scorn women today?

ADNAN OKTAR: Women truly enjoyed freedom and equity only in the companions era. After that, it went downhill. In the era of the Mahdi movement, women will once more attain the same freedoms. They will be able to dress, groom, go out and speak however they want. No matter where you go on earth, you will encounter women suffering under heavy oppression. Go out and take a look at young girls, look at how they walk, look at their eyes. Are there any young girls who can lift their gaze from the ground? Almost all of them walk around, their eyes fixed on the ground. Is there any young girl walking around well-groomed? It is possible for them to walk around in their neighborhood wearing makeup let alone dressing up as they wish? It is not possible. This is true for almost everywhere. On one hand, their fathers and brothers give them hard time, and their uncles on the other. They beat and swear at these girls, even threatening them at knifepoint. They see women as potential crime machines. This is a horrifying outlook. On the contrary, young girls are polite, well-mannered, chaste and quite protective of their chastity and honor. But under the disguise of moral guardians, these men make these young girls' lives miserable. Their fathers beat them. Their older brothers beat them. Even their younger brothers beat them. For example, a 12-year-old boy is allowed to beat her older sister of 17 years. He beats his older sister. Even their uncles feel entitled to beat and threaten them. When they see the young girl on the street, they immediately call to interrogate them, asking questions like "Where were you going? What were you doing?" If the girl is wearing makeup on her eyes, they ask, "Why were you wearing eye makeup? What is your problem? What are you after?" Or if the girl dyes her hair to a lighter shade, her entire family goes mad with fury, even her uncles. There is an unimaginable oppression on women. Looking at the bigger picture, it is a total disaster. This is why the majority of young girls are alienated from life. Most of them have no friends and have become introverted. They do not find it in themselves to keep well-groomed. And now they have introduced the term 'natural beauty." Most of these girls have unkempt hair, their skins poorly groomed. Most of them suffer from skin disorders caused by distress and lack of love. They do not feel the need to take care of themselves. Most of these children are excessively overweight. These beautiful beings lie in waiting, devoid of love, happiness and joy, not knowing what the future holds. Because loving someone and being loved back have been rendered a crime. So has been being well-groomed and classy. Every single thing has become a crime for young girls. Living in such fear virtually paralyzes them. They are already naive, gentle beings. They cannot live peaceful lives. These girls also suffer ridicule most of the time for their piety. Religious young girls face severe persecution only because they are religious. In their slightest mention of God, they receive absurd, preposterous responses. When will these be set right? In the era of Hz Mahdi (as). I say so conveying our Prophet's (saas) words.


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